On the back of the settee


This is one of my cats, she likes sitting on the back of the settee observing what’s going on. She uses this perch to see if her brother is walking by. Sometimes she pounces on him from there and then makes a quick getaway. She’s definitely ‘ queen of the castle’ despite being two thirds of his size.

I think I might do a tiny painting of her. The fuzzy effect is because I had to zoom in. If I’d gone closer she would have jumped off.

Anyway its almost two am. So I’d better get some sleep. Did I say I spent all day painting?

Night x

Not watching TV


I realise that I spend a lot of time on this phone and not watching TV, although I do sometimes listen to it. There is a programme on about Hyenas at the moment.

So what do I do? Blog obviously, but also look at Facebook and Instagram and all those things. So I’m still sitting, but with a stiff neck and shoulders from hunching over this flipping phone!

I’m old enough not to have had a phone in the house. Then when we did it was on a table in the hall. It was big and green I think I remember. A base with a dial on it, you had to twirl the numbers to dial. Then a cradle at the top with two prongs sticking up. When you dropped the receiver on the prongs it ended the call. The receiver was a curved bar with a mouthpiece at one end and a microphone to speak in at the other end. It was attached to the body of the phone with a curled wire. Eventually phone went push button, then mobiles came in….. Its a different world!

Caught his cold.


Don’t read if you want to be cheered up! He’s been coughing and spluttering for a week now. He never takes medicine for colds and usually throws things off in a couple of days. He’s had flu twice in his life. He won’t rest and recover. He’s hardly eating. So I’ve tried to help, got him some cough medicine, but he won’t take it. I’m fed up with him because he doesn’t seem to realise he’s spreading germs, a virus or whatever it is.

Now I ache and have started coughing. So I’m trying to stay healthy while I run round after him. In the meantime he can’t stop. His anxieties for e him to keep doing things, keep checking things, so yeah, I’m a bit fed up and grumpy. Sorry to vent!

Woke up aching


I’m feeling shattered, like broken glass. Just an ache all over. No energy. I hope I feel better soon. Its not sickness I think it’s more that I have tired myself out.

The last few days have been busy, driving and not sleeping well. The heat and humidity are getting to me.

Maybe I’ll write something later. X

Reds and greens…

Hmmm, so I got a strong red from the shop and decided to overoaint the poppy. Then I attacked what I think is a dahlia… In that one I really think I need to look at a real one. The third picture is my attempt at a dragons eye.. Don’t know why? The fourth just is, but I’m not sure what yet. Each need taming. Green might be OK. We will see….