How can the cat trust me?

Since he came home, I’ve had to give my cat eye drops and antibiotics. Every day he sits a bit further away from me. He is a bit more wary, nervous. It’s not surprising. Yesterday he was checked over by a vet and given another lot of antibiotics. I understand why, he needs them to help him heal. But it doesn’t make it any easier. If he wasn’t such a patient cat I don’t know what I would have done…. X

Dissappearing cat

You know when it’s time to go to the vets… When your cat dissappears!

Cue manic search under cupboards (I was sure he’d gone upstairs), then when that was no good we widened the search outside, our wooded garden, the neighbours, the alleyways, calling, shouting, bellowing… Then another look round the house. I even thought I’d take a cat toy on a string to chuck under cupboards and tempt him out? Then crreeeeaakkk, out bedroom door.. He came out? Where does he hide? Cat space! A quantum space that only cats can squeeze into….? Now he’s sitting in the sun on a box… Vets in thirty minutes. Wish him luck!

Cats eye

Our cat has been to the vets and was kept in overnight. He’s home but among other problems he’s got an ulcer on and inside his eye, it looks very cloudy. He’s on antibiotics and two types of drops. All have to be given at different times (one eye drop four times a day, one eye drop three times a day) antibiotics every twelve hours….

He’s also damaged his soft palette, possibly trying to bite his way out of where he was trapped?

And then his kidney functions are off. I hope he will recover. We will know more after the weekend…

The vets

Before he went missing

Today has been busy. My cat came home at 3am, his legs and mouth had some sort of tarry substance on them. He came in and drank water for about ten minutes, then I wiped his eyes and mouth and legs gently to remove some of whatever was on him. I even trimmed some fur off his tail because it was so gummy.

Today I had a good look at him, one of his eyes looked strange and he was still very thirsty so I took him to the vets.

I found out he has an ulcer on one eye and he has damaged his mouth possibly from trying to bite through or on something. He’s lost a lot of weight too. We still don’t know where he’s been. Tonight he’s on a drip at the vets but he should then be able to come home. I hope he will be OK.

Cat on a hot carpet

Even cats have to have vaccine booster shots. It was probably the hottest day this year and my two cats had got to go to the vets. Both had been out all day. They hate pet carriers so I got the female in a closed bag and took her to the vets. They inoculated her but warned me to get her home straight away as she was overheating in the bag.

I got home and she ran upstairs and flopped so I put her some cool water near her if she wanted a drink.

Then we explored the garden, where the boy cat was lying under a bush. We’d put a bag of frozen peas in the bag to make sure it was cooler. Back to the vets. They were happy that the second cat wasn’t overheating. We got home and let the boy out of the bag, he sprang out, but as you can see him flopped on the carpet. He has now gone back outside. X

Budgie found

I was sitting watching TV when I saw a man’s head looking over our side gate so I tried to open the front door and ask him what he was doing. The door was locked so I called my hubby. He went out and followed the man up our hill. When he caught up with him the man explained he was a motorcyclist and had recently had his bike stolen.

My hubby decided he probably wasn’t a thief and the man was contrite. Then…..

They both spotted a budgie fluttering on the pavement. I was standing at the bottom of the street and saw him take his tee shirt off?

He walked down the hill and explained he’d found a beautiful budgie. He had it gently held in the tee shirt.

Next we tried taking it to the pdsa vets nearby but they were closed so I found their number and rang it. After a brief conversation with their emergency vets in Meir Heath they agreed to take it.

We then had to get the budgie into a suitable container. Luckily I’d got a brown paper bag, but while I was trying to shoo one of our cats away the budgie got free!

We had to get the cat away and I threw a tea towel over the budgie. Popped it in the bag, safe and apparently healthy. Then off to Lyme tree vets at Meir Heath. Tel: 01782 417882.

If its yours I hope you will soon be reunited.

Horses loose

I was looking out of our window and I saw two grey horses, unaccompanied walk past. They were walking in traffic and towards the main road. I pointed it out to hubby who went out to try and direct them while I watched and rang the police. He managed to get them across the road to the local vets, where some of the nurses came out to help. In the meantime I was explaining where it was happening to the police when the owner of the horses arrived. She explained that the farrier who had been shoeing the horses had left the gate open and they had got out. I went to get my phone to take a picture but they were halfway up the hill when I got back out. It was great that neither of them was injured.

Cat to vet

My boy cat has another bald spot. Turns out it may be an allergy. I took his buster collar off a week ago because his skin had got better. But over the last couple if days he’s been washing and licking more. It’s probably because the abandoned cat that comes in for an hour at night might have bought some ‘little friends’ in with him… I’m going to get our boy some more treatment and another spray. It’s worrying, because we have too much stuff in the house with all my art supplies and things. Maybe I haven’t done a good enough spray? None of my other cats have had problems in the past so all this is new to me. I’m hoping it can be sorted out soon…..

Cone of shame?

Bad word… Fleas. My poor cat is allergic to them and sadly because we have been letting the outdoor cat in he’s been affected by them. So I took him to the vets and he’s had to have a steroid injections and a course of tablets. Now I’ve come home with a new flea treatment that works better than the one I’ve been using for the last couple of years. I’ve also got a treatment for the outdoor cat. So fingers crossed. Meanwhile my boy cat has got to wear this cone of shame, and it’s not his fault, it’s nothings fault…

Abandoned cat update


The abandoned cat is being extremely loving. He’s made friends with both of us now. He comes when we call and now our cats are almost inoculated (our male cat needs one more shot) there is the possibility of introducing them to each other. I will have to get him to the vets for a check up. That will be interesting as he’s a big cat, at least half as big again as ours. Still I guess I will find out. I want him to be inoculated too so he has more of a chance of a healthy life. Then if we can integrate them, maybe he can come indoors a bit, as long as he does not fight with the other two.