Taking in cats

Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.

Almost all of our cats have been strays or rescue cats. Starting with an old ginger cat whose owner no longer wanted him. I was at the vets with my friend and her kittens. We saw this straggly, ginger long haired cat, he was thin as a rake and it’s owner who was an elderly lady, could no longer care for him. We asked if we could take him in and she signed him over to us. He was quite old but he lived another couple of years with us. He used to walk along the wall between us and the house next door. He knew when I was coming home and came and greeted me. One thing I always do is teach my cats to come when I whistle them. I have never regretted the risk of taking our first cat in, and now after many years of cat ownership I still feel the same way.

10 thoughts on “Taking in cats

  1. love it
    This is such a heartwarming story. It’s amazing how taking a risk to love and care for a stray cat can lead to unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. My question is, how do you think taking a risk like this can impact someone’s life and what are some tips for those who want to adopt stray animals?

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    1. Of course there may be negative effects too, cost of living can determine whether a person can afford to take a cat. Also not all cats are friendly. You have to weigh up the pros and cons. But cats can be cheaper to feed than dogs for example, they are mainly independent. But they need to have access to the outside world. Our rescues were ‘indoor’ cats supposedly. Now they happily come and go through a cat flap. Owning any pet is a responsibility xx


  2. Your story of taking in a stray ginger cat and giving him a loving home is truly heartwarming. It’s admirable how you and your friend didn’t hesitate to step in and provide care for a cat in need. The bond you formed with him and his ability to recognize your presence shows the impact you had on his life. It’s wonderful that you continue to embrace cat ownership with no regrets. Thank you for sharing this touching experience with us.

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  3. Taking in that stray ginger cat was a risk worth taking. It’s heartwarming to hear how he found a loving home and brought joy to your life. Your commitment to rescuing and caring for cats is commendable. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story.

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  4. Your story about taking in the stray ginger cat is heartwarming. It’s wonderful to see how you opened your home and heart to an abandoned feline in need. The bond you formed, with him greeting you and responding to your whistle, shows the love and care you provided. Taking that risk was truly rewarding, and it’s inspiring to hear how it has shaped your perspective on cat ownership. Thank you for sharing this lovely experience, author.

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