Watercolour painting


Several years ago I offered to do a painting for whoever made the highest bid for a charity auction. I don’t remember what the bid was but I did this portrait of the bidders dogs. It’s in watercolours on watercolour paper and framed. The paper was a3 but the mount is wide and cut in more of a letterbox shape because of the composition.

I loved painting them, they have such cheeky faces. I also loved painting the patterned cloth they were lying on. I think it’s a throw.

You know where to contact me if you would like to commission me.

Cat logic

Good morning,

I hope you are having a pleasant day.

The sun is shining

and the cats are at play.

Playing hide and seek

behind a small shoe.

My eyes are hidden

so I must be too?

Jumping in the bath,

under the tap.

Your water bowls there but

there’s a drip you must lap.

Now you are sleeping

together as one,

Dreaming cat dreams

curled up in the sun.

Now you are washing

cat yoga for you.

Stretching and bending

is what you must do.

So cats they have logic

all of their own

The way to do things?

They won’t be shown…..

Can’t wait for summer flowers.

Every year I get some hanging baskets from a local nursery. They create beautiful collections of flowers and you can specify what plants you have in them. I love combinations of lobelia, begonias, fushias and pelagoniums amongst others. I’m planning to get out in the garden soon to tidy it up for the spring. The old baskets get recycled and replanted to save some of the cost.

Looking at these sunny colours has bought me a bit of joy in cold January. I hope they have for you too.


You’re never far from a cat


I don’t know who else is a cat lover but I have two beautiful cats. In this house you are never far from either them because they don’t go out. They are happy and they have lots of toys. One of their favourite things is to chase each other from room to room, almost like they are playing a children’s game of tag.

I was thinking back to when they first arrived. They are adult cats and they were very scared. I did not know how they would react. They hid. Very well. It took us a couple of hours to find them. One was under a cupboard and the other one hid behind a large plant pot. Eventually they emerged and from then on they have been happy. They both come and sit on us and love being stroked and groomed. I’m glad we got them.



Drawing in two apps, artrage oils and a sketching app. I just wanted to draw a happy face. At the moment my husband is playing with a toy helicopter and it’s not going well. He’s had it caught on the curtains and just gone in the waste paper bin. Meanwhile I’m trying to draw, and then write this. Hmmm… How happy am I … I guess OK, not unhappy, slightly annoyed. But relaxed until the copter comes rushing past my faceĀ  The batteries will be flat soon you only get 5 to 10 minutes flying time then it has to be charged for 30 minutes. In the meantime I will carry on Doodling. …