Full on day!

I started out today at the Factory Floor at Spode singing with our choir and another choir. We were with the Boat Band who played cajun music first. Two of the band are our choir leaders. We sang before lunch was served and then again afterwards. It was great fun.

Then I went home for a rest, but I decided I felt well enough to go to yoga class. I haven’t Bern for a couple of weeks. I do chair yoga because I can’t get down on the floor and I can’t do inverted postures. My blood pressure is too high for that. Even so I felt tired afterwards, but it made me realise I have got over the cough and chest infection I’ve had for a few weeks.

Straight after yoga I sang with the other choir I am in. Each song was fun. I felt my voice getting clearer and I was able to hold notes I hadn’t been able to last week. We are learning some new songs and I was pleased that I could hear the tunes and pick them up. I had a really good day. I hope it carries on like this. X

Keep calm

Nine years ago we had a party at Loud Mouth Women singing group. I can’t remember exactly what it was for but this just came up on my Facebook page. I’m sure we will have sung many songs in different languages. It’s fun to sing, the group doesn’t need you to be able to read music. If you decide to join in we try and help people decide if they sing high, middle or low parts, but people can move around. You don’t have to perform, you can if you want to though, we have a few gigs a year. I didn’t go for a few weeks but I’m so glad to be back! If you have a local choir think of joining?

A few cat photos

Two of my cats, the big one and the medium one. Both very happy, the little one has gone outside. The sun’s been shining and their coats are gleaming in the light. The big cat came up and tried to sniff the phone as I took his photo, you can really see how that affects the view, making his head look a lot larger than his body. I love looking after my moggies. They make me feel a lot happier.

My cat snores

When he’s properly asleep his paws twitch, so do his whiskers, and he snores.

It’s a regular rasping noise, and it’s not loud, but I can hear it. It’s good that he’s deeply asleep, dreaming of chasing things. Leaping up on fences and shed roofs. Paws twitch as he runs through the garden in his sleep. Sometimes a purr escapes instead of the snore. He was homeless for a while but he has come into our hearts. For a long time he was the ‘outdoor cat’, but no more. Fully integrated and full of snores and warmth.

Blurry back yard

Blousy and blurry

Mad back yard. The heavy rain has pepped up all the plants. You have to avoid the baskets. I want to put some washing on the line but it’s clouded over again. I’m tired and hot. A friend came round and after a cup of tea helped cut back part of a large bush that had layered itself (spread outwards with side shoots). Of course I stayed inside for most of the time, but decided to say hi after a rest and ended up helping a bit by cutting off small twigs. By the time I came back in I was exhausted and tired out, hence the shaking. But looking at this really cheered me up. A real plethora and pleasure of flora!

Hanging baskets have arrived

Joyous day, we get a few hanging baskets every year, we had a call from the farm today. They were ready! Even though we were expecting them I was overwhelmed at how big and beautiful they are. If yo buy a hanging basket from a shop they often only have one species of flowers in them. But these are packed with petunias, fushias, begonias, lobelia, and other plants I can’t name. It’s not all their work, the rest is our handiwork. X

Poddling cat

Two front paws kneading my leg ‘poddling’ making little holes in my skin. Like I’m a mother cat and he’s comforting himself and wanting to relax. It’s so sweet that he does this. He does this every night before he goes to sleep on my lap. That’s when he settles down with his eyes closed and starts purring even more. I feel loved. I know cats can be pests sometimes, but this one is soft and friendly.

What shall I paint next?

I don’t know what to paint next, I have so many paintings, maybe too many? If anything ever happens to me will they end up in a charity shop? Should I donate some to my local museum? I’m responsible for a lot of acrylic on canvas! The thing is I love painting and drawing so much. I hope I bring as much enjoyment to other peoples lives as possible. Art makes me feel better, more relaxed, happy, or sometimes sad, contemplative, thoughtful, or just calm.