Celtic cross

Tried to do a celtic cross (wonky). Sponged black paint. Black ink, then watercolour and finally a bit more black ink on top…
#bandofsketchers prompt today is Easter. I did try and copy this from a photo, but my left hand and arm wobble and shake so much its affecting my right arm. Very fed up. Would love to do something more accurate. I think I’d better try and get in the doctors.

Easter, a moveable feast

When I was a child I looked forward to Easter, not for religion, although I did understand about Christianity, but because of the Easter eggs we used to get (I was a child, forgive me).

As I got older I realised that Easter wasn’t on a set day, like the 25 December for Christmas. But it seems to be that it has to run Friday Saturday and Sunday and is linked somehow to the Jewish Calendar? But also to the phases of the moon, so Easter drifts a slowly, then jumps around. Any time between late March and April if I remember. It used to make the Easter break at school a bit odd too. If anyone knows the correct reasons let me know?

Easter egg photo


My friend made a beautiful picture of some tree branches, she mirrored them (flipped one side to mirror the other) then somehow surrounded the image with a black egg shape which was fuzzy at the edges. It’s beautiful and complicated.

I asked if I could use the idea. But didn’t want to copy. She said yes. So I put two photos of helibores through layout, an app where you can add different pictures together. I had to crop the image in my editing app, I then opened it in another sketching one. I drew an elipse round one side of the image, and freehand filled the background in with black. I used a spray tool so the edges were softened. I made sure to narrow the top half to give it more of an egg shape. Finally I cropped the image so that only half an egg shape was in the image. I went back to layout and duplicated the image. Then I flipped one side over so that there was finally an Easter egg shape on a black background. I don’t know how my friend did hers, but I respect the effort she must have put into it, and I thought I would describe what I had done in case anyone else wants to have a go.


Drawing our Easter Garden


Day 25, urban sketchers challenge. Suddenly the blossom has burst in the garden, where there were buds a couple of days ago, now tiny pinky white flowers are sprouting out of the branches and twigs. I’ve seen and heard a very loud bumble bee, and also worker bees and hover flies. Hopefully they will do their job of pollinating the blossom and we will have cherries and pears and plums as the summer progresses.

The garden was hard to draw because of all the details. I can get the branches approximately right, then adding leaves and blossom complicates things. Distinguishing between leaf shapes and colours for instance.

I used two thicknesses of black unipin pens, fine line water and fade proof pigment ink (0.5 and 0.8). I also used a Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen black 199*** S size. Then I shaded in with a 3B graphite pencil and a charcoal pencil. I would have liked to add some dabs of colour, but I think the overall effect is quite good. I’ve taken a picture and used a black and white filter because I took the photo under electric light and one corner, a bit turned up, was reflecting back quite a bright yellow.


My friends easter cats


These two were kittens born to my female cat just over two years ago. They seem fascinated by her easter egg decorations. I love seeing pictures of them, they look so like their mother. My friends photo of them shows what characters they are. Into mischief., looking at possibilities.

Their mother is very vocal, she is miaowing at me now. I’d better get her some cat biscuits.