I was talking to someone today who might be able to help me get some cards published. She was really enthusiastic about my sketches so I’m going to take her up on her offer. I need to get my MA result tomorrow and then I will get the images over to her. I’m really on tenterhooks at the moment, I’m feeling stressed out and tired. But the show must go one!

Dancing at Bishton

Watching my friends dance along to the Boat band. There were lots more people there but they were all behind me! I think they were dancing to a polka. Lovely surroundings and a great place to visit. Now I know where it is (down a little lane off the A51 near Rugeley in Staffordshire) I think we will go back. Even if its only to watch people dancing. It’s also close to the river and the Worsley garden centre and Nature reserve, a pub by the river and an antiques centre, so there is lots to see if you want to visit them. x

Magnolia sketch

I sat and drew one of the magnolias while we were there at Bishton Hall. It was just a black and white sketch so I coloured it in when I got home. The curved edges are because I can’t get my sketchbook page to lie flat. I don’t think I’ve got the colours right, but I have only got a limited range of colours in the set of felt pens I’m using.

Magnificent Magnolias

Two large Magnolia trees spreading out over a lawn at Bishton Hall near Rugeley. Staffordshire. The chairs give a sense of how wide the canopy of them is. To the right was some sort of glass house or green house where our friends in the Boat band played various pieces of creole and other music. A very enjoyable afternoon.

Tree at Bishton

Never seen a tree trunk like this before. It’s like a hand reaching down grasping something protruding from the earth. The limbs explode above waiting to burst into leaf. I could see catkins but could not identify this gnarly tree. Bishton Hall near Rugeley, Staffordshire was holding a craft fair. Very interesting and enjoyable.