Waiting for Spring. On days like today when the clouds seem to want to dump all its rain in one go.


The rain comes down like stair rods, whatever they are? The wind buffets the trees and the grey sky gets darker. In fact it’s so dull we have the living room light on to dispel the gloom.

Waiting for warmer weather, instead of sitting with the central heating on full blast and sitting next to a small oil heater for extra warmth.

Waiting to go out. When the squall subsides I might go out and get into the very fresh air… And breathe…..

Waiting for crocuses. The snowdrops are already in flower. That short few weeks where their brilliant white and green dots the ground and lightens the mood. Then daffodils and later tulips and finally bluebells, before the canopy of trees grows over and spreads its leaves across the garden.

Then it’s shade is dappled with sunlight. Then the wait will be over