Happy New year


As New year approaches, I want to wish all the people who follow my blog, and who I have made friends with over the last couple of years, a Happy and Healthy New year for 2020. I know it doesn’t happen at the same time across the world and in some places its already late in the morning of January 1st. Others won’t be celebrating until hours later.

Wherever you are in or on the World, with all the terrible things that have happened, or are happening, may you find peace, and caring, and love. If your year was good in 2019, I hope that continues.

It doesn’t matter who, or what you are. I hope your life, and that of your families and friends is good in 2020.

Best wishes.


An ordinary Saturday


No glitterball today,

no sparkling champagne.

Just leftovers and dregs,

an ordinary Saturday.

We’ve enjoyed the holiday,

and more is to follow

but now it is time,

for life to settle.

Time passes on,

the world keeps turning.

The decade almost done,

a new one beginning.

So let us all pause

and rest for a day,

Take stock of our past

call it good old Saturday.


Last Day


It’s the last day of 2018. 2am, only 22 hours to go till 2019.

How do I feel. Well I’ve started then stopped doing a couple of things this year, including not being able to get to urban sketchers because it clashes with another art group. Not persevering with trumpet lessons because I was feeling down, and almost giving up on archery because I’ve been too busy.

The wonderful thing is though that I have tried my hand at these things. Where before I never had time to do them. I know I need to get back to them and I think when we have brighter days I won’t be in such a hibernation mode. I guess part of it is trying to do more with my partner. I don’t want him to be isolated. He needs to get out there and do things but his mind is not in a good place..

I know there is a lot of talk about mental health but I won’t go into details. I just wrote a long paragraph explaining it allĀ  then decided to delete it. Sometimes things need to stay private.

So anyway, we are passing from one year to the next. It’s an arbitrary marker of time. I guess it does signify the return of the Sun over the next few months. Time does seem to go faster with age. Clocks tick…….

So as the season is merry I shall wish you all a happy healthy and fun 2019.

Blue show

Blue has been chosen as a theme for an exhibition at Spode in the new year. The plans are only just in the pipeline. But the theme means that artists will only be using a true blue, no turquoise or violet.

Other colours allowed are white, grey and black.

I have plans, I have an image in mind. Possibly two, and in totally different directions. I’m also thinking of going large.

I think it will be fun and challenging. Once I find out more I will post more information.