Amaryllis and Roses

On the windowsill a pale white/pink Amaryllis about to burst into flower and a minature rose, salmon pink and lovely. A present from my hubby for Christmas. They are looking lovely this JANUARY 2022!

Now 2021 is gone, its done. It will never come again. I hope 2022 is better, we see sense about the climate, we do everything we can to stop the spread of Covid. That we start caring for each other and make more of an effort to help those with the least resources.


Two hours to go

Not really clock watching, but the neighbours just let off a lot of very loud fireworks and it’s nowhere near midnight yet! Two of the cats were out. One ran in, tail all fluffed up, but the other (big) one is still out! I shouted a few times but he didn’t come in. Hubby went looking, no sign. I just hope he wsdnt too scared. Did I say they were loud? About twenty rockets, one after another. I wish people would consider pets. And if they are going to let them off choose quiet ones. I still remember being at my mom’s house one new years eve. Some fireworks went off and we looked out of the front door… Suddenly a Robin flew in and upstairs! It would not go out until the fireworks stopped!

Quiet day

A day of peace and quiet. Outdoor cats slept on the bed most of the day. He popped out for a couple of hours this morning and the same this afternoon. He’s back up there now.

I’ve spent the day recovering, had a few glasses of wine last night and as I don’t drink much usually it had a bad effect! Ooo my head.

I’m still coming to terms with the WordPress changes. Since I have my blogs linked to Facebook they keep being posted there now. I only want my art posts going there but I can’t find the place to switch them off? Anyone know?

Almost the end of 1.1.21…..goodnight

What shall I do?

Another ‘almost’ lockdown, a world in turmoil. I just want to ignore it. I can’t stop the world and get off. I want hugs. I could do without being the ‘sensible’ one. I want to just do so many things, go to a gallery, sing in a choir without being on zoom, visit my family, deliver Christmas presents. See my neice and nephew. Visit the seaside… Go on a train….

I wish all of you the chance to do things you really want to do!

Happy New year when it arrives for you!

From Australia

This arrived in the post this morning.

A card and two fridge magnets from an old friend. She lives in Australia and these are her lovely art works. I love them and it’s so kind of her to send them. Goodness knows how long it takes to post something all that way.

I know the sun is probably set on the other side of the world, and they are in mid summer. Their new years day will be later (no earlier! Oops) than ours by about twelve hours. Hope she has a good new year x

What to do for New Year’s Eve.

I guess we won’t be going anywhere this New Year’s eve. And yet that’s not a bad thing. Usually we visited friends to get away from the noise at the pub across the road. They were always rowdy and played very loud music that had such a loud base beat that it shook the house. Dum dum ddiiddi dummmm.. Each year seemed to get worse. I didn’t complain because that’s what people do.

So what shall we do, we might go for a walk in the afternoon if it’s not too icy. I think it would be nice to find our scrabble set, or a chessboard. I do sound like an old fuddyduddy, but I just want to be cautious. Virus news is that the infection is escalating. I’d rather stay in and be safe….

Low barometer

This was probably the biggest drop in pressure that I’ve seen on my barometer I have two electric ones that measure the pressure too and they were actually reading 962 and 958! What a drop! The gold coloured marker was what the reading was twenty four hours before. Something like 22 millibars? The result was a three inch dump of snow over the Midlands and south of England and Walesby. More snow is due tonight, but probably in the East and up in Scotland. Might be fun over New Year….

Happy New year


As New year approaches, I want to wish all the people who follow my blog, and who I have made friends with over the last couple of years, a Happy and Healthy New year for 2020. I know it doesn’t happen at the same time across the world and in some places its already late in the morning of January 1st. Others won’t be celebrating until hours later.

Wherever you are in or on the World, with all the terrible things that have happened, or are happening, may you find peace, and caring, and love. If your year was good in 2019, I hope that continues.

It doesn’t matter who, or what you are. I hope your life, and that of your families and friends is good in 2020.

Best wishes.