Earth rise?

I made this image using a blow up globe and a bath towel..

Trying to replicate the globe rising over the limb of the moon. But obviously our world doesn’t have latitude or longitude printed on it! And we don’t have different countries coloured in to indicate where there bordered are. I wonder how flat earth believers react to the real image. Do they think the other half of the world is on the back? If it was flat the sun wouldn’t rise slowly but it would illuminate half of the world straight away (unless you are behind a mountain) then after twelve hours set immediately. One side of the world would be in daytime at the same time, the other night time. Get rid of most time zones! Only two needed, twelve hours separating them. Plus you’d notice crossing the edge! And no seasons, so no equatorial heat or Arctic and antarctic regions! And where does the edge fall and wouldn’t the international space station notice?

Thinking… Its good to try it out!

How to tell the earth is a sphere…


So how can you tell the Earth is a sphere? The ancient Greeks worked it out ( I don’t remember the name of the person who did).

The experiment was to put a stick in the sand at or near the equator, so it would have a tiny shadow directly underneath the it at mid day as the Sun was directly overhead.

If you place a stick upright, at 90° to the Eaths surface either North or South of the equator, the stick casts a shadow at mid day. (Look at the hands of a clock the hands move round in the same way). Say the equator is 3pm and the Sun is overhead, you would get no shadow, then as you go further away from the stick at the equator you get increasing angles (see diagram). Eventually at the poles the shadows would be at their longest.

So how can you tell its a sphere? The angles add up. You can calculate the curvature of the planet from these simple experiments. The ancient Greeks got very close to calculating the circumference of the Earth. Their calculations were only a small percentage out on their measurement.