My portfolio

One of my portfolio pages on screen. I was pleased by some of the comments about my book. Juxtaposing black and white images against coloured abstract ‘scales’ drawings. I’m not keen on PowerPoint but it’s better than Word for trying to position images. In Word the pages skip about and then you find your picture on one page and the title or the description on another. Now all I need to do is think about getting the book published if I can.

I passed!

I have just received my marks and I have passed the MA in illustration!

Now for the anti- climax I guess. The world is still spinning, I still have my difficulties to deal with. Its funny how you build yourself up and worry, then you get your marks and they are still there. But it is an achievement at one stage I wasn’t sure I wanted to carry on. I got a decent mark too and some pointers on how I could have taken my research further. Will I ever write MA after my name? I don’t think so xx

When will they flower?

My orchids occasionally flower, but they haven’t for ages. The new one I bought still has flowers on it, but the buds soon fell off. I’m trying to feed them but I think I need to get bigger pots for them and new orchid compost/ fibre. I probably don’t water them enough and I don’t spray mist them. But I have had them for years. They have lots of ariel roots, there leaves are mostly green. So I will try and pamper them more.


Image from Wikipedia, Virga clouds

I was discussing weather with a friend and recalled seeing clouds that seemed to drop rain but it evaporates before it reaches the ground. I love clouds and I know I knew the name for then at one time but had forgotten it so I looked it up on Wikipedia (see link).

What I saw was what appeared to be snow falling from shower clouds, but it never landed on the ground. It was one winter day a few years ago when I was out visiting friends. I guess it’s very bad for gardeners or farmers who need water for their plants.

On the easle

I’ve finished a couple of paintings today. Pretty much as soon as I finished my MA work I picked up a paintbrush again. I’m part of a group exhibition on Saturday and I wanted to finish some new work. Dragons have crept into a couple of the paintings. The one on the left is ‘dragon saucer’ and the right is ‘ulysses’. Illustration has seeped into my veins!

Baby 🐲 dragon

For as many artists that draw and paint dragons, there’s a different style, shape, pattern, technique or colours.

I’m studying an illustration course and my final report is about the mythology and history of dragon illustration. I’m having to find out more about them, from the possible link with fossilised dinosaur skeletons, to medieval bestiaries, to more recent art including children’s and adult fiction that includes either dragon illustrations in the books or on their covers.

Here’s a question. Does anyone know any interesting dragon stories I can investigate? I have Ursula K Le Guin, Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffery, Cressida Cowell, J. R. R Tolkein, T. H White and other authors. Are you aware of more?

Thanks x

A Plantarium?

My friend has really got into houseplants since lockdown. She regularly posts photos of her wonderful plants. I realised I have a lot of them as well and wondered if there is a word for that sort of collection? I thought of the word ‘Plantarium’. So now I’m going to check Google in case it means something else!

Unfortunately, the word is already taken! Oh well, I like it and I’ve learnt something new today x