If you start with a photo of an object and multiply it you can get some interesting effects and patterns. I started with a photo of our halogen heater, changed it to black and white in a filter and then duplicated it over and over again with my photo booth layout app. I have put them next to each other so you can see the original black and white photo and the duplicated ones. I think the second photo reminds me of a wool blanket I had on my bed as a child.


Drawing spirals calms me. Following the contours round. Sometimes I add a dot so that the line has to deviate around it. I used all my metallic pens for this, mainly silvers, a gold and a purple. I did have a green but it has almost run out. I think this looks a bit like a tree trunk, like dendrochronology. Tree rings that you can look at to see how old the tree is (the outer ring is the one which was current when the tree was cut down). If you count inwards then each ring represents a year generally. You can alsu tell by the thickness of the line. I know that’s not what my drawing represents, but it’s what I see when I look at it.

Tee shirt idea

So when I was watching a lecture yesterday about copyright © I doodled this. Apparently I own the rights to anything I draw or paint and I don’t have to register it with anyone. So even this doodle, scruffy and just roughly drawn is my property. I guess I haven’t really thought much about it. I know my finished work is copyright but I hadn’t thought about little sketches. You have to be aware of other people’s designs, and plagerism, but I don’t think I have seen anything like this before. Anyway I think it would be fun to design tee shirts.

Old radio abstract

When I took this photo it was dark and underexposed. I decided to change it with a black and white filter but was going to delete it from my phone. Then I decided to put it through a texture filter, still not satisfied I added a lens flare to the handle. I’ve decided not to do any more to it.

The question is if you had to do something with the original what would you do? Here’s the plain black and white version.

Which do you prefer?


Christmas a couple of years ago. My friend took this of me taking a photo of my other half… Can you tell which one he is? He’s definitely an eccentric. I think this was round the back of the German Market that was held locally. I’m not sure why the wooden soldier was parked there but it was an interesting object.

This is good because it is black and white, so the details of textures stand out more than they would if it was a coloured photo.

I was cheered by receiving this photo today. It bought back happy memories. I can’t find the photo I took though!

Celtic art illustrations.

Illustrations I did almost forty years ago of pre Christian Celtic art for my thesis.

This is in response to a post on the The Silent Eye by Steve Tanham this morning on Celtic Art. It was very interesting and informative. It reminded me how I was influenced by the patterns they created. It also made me think about the Staffordshire hoarde of Saxon treasure that was found in this area about ten years ago. Similar but different.

The skills of the artesans that made these was immense. In an age that had no technology except for the hand eye coordination of the makers it is incredible what they could make.