Scarecrow trail

Penkhull village in Stoke on Trent is holding a scarecrow contest for the Queens Platinum Jubilee. Several people around the village and surrounding streets have created celebratory Scarecrows.

I think there is a prize for the best one and there is a leaflet with a map of the trail. I want to find them! This is British eccentricity!

Wet Cat

Our cat doesn’t seem bothered by rain. He comes in, soaking wet, and just plonks himself down on a cushion. He purrs while I stroke his back. He’s like a baby otter. Now he will sit and wash till he’s dry. Then he will probably have something to eat and then curl up to sleep.

There was a very wet cat

Who was also incredibly fat

He was like a sponge

When he took a plunge

Into custard stored in a vat.

OK that’s a really bad limerick. It doesn’t make much sense xx

A jumped up limerick!

Esther (I’ve forgotten her surname!?) sorry. Challenges each week to take a word and use it in a limerick. This was my effort today. Its something to work at, getting the line lengths right and the rhymes right. The first second and fifth lines are of similar length and should rhyme and the third and fourth lines should be shorter and also rhyme. X


Get me some daffs to go with the tulips I said… So he did..

I also asked for some cheese for sandwiches, so he bought really hard cheese like parmizan which you would grate on to pasta. And the quiche I asked for turned into a pizza….

I don’t know if its a tactic to get over being asked to go shopping, I do wonder? I know supermarkets do substitute things, but to say that there was only one sort of cheese in the chiller cabinet? I guess he walked past the cheese and went to the Italian counter instead. And he told me there were lots of daffodil flowers for sale, he’d seen them earlier? But he came back with sprouting bulbs. Clearly he can’t hear or doesn’t understand.