Dolls house on the stairs


Dolls house on the stairs, guarding the rooms above. Just a wooden box basically, denying access.

Now someone approaches, but a draft seems to blow from the painted doors, like someone breathing out.

A step up, high heels clunk on the wood. Impatient to pass, the figure still hesitates. Then, lights illuminate the windows in the dolls house!

She stepsĀ  back, trips, and falls on her bottom. She stands and looks up at the house, now flames are licking up the walls across the steps and up the stairwell.. A moaning starts..

Back in the office, Val watches the CCTV. That will stop you seeing my husband! She chuckles gleefully.

Sunset over the mere


The clouds lifted over the mere as the sun set. For about five minutes it stopped raining and the drumming on the roof eased. The mere was almost invisible in the darkening evening. The only indication of it were reflections of house lights on the waters surface.

One strange ripple broke the surface. The wake of something moved across the glassy water of the mere.

A duck was heading for its nest for the night. Snap! It was gone.

A few feathers were all that were left.

The ripples stopped as the predator sank deeper. Patrolling now up and down the bank, a snap here, a snuck there, finding food…. The Pike picked its prey carefully.

On the coast.


Looking for shells. Looking for seaweed on the seastrand. Everything washed clean, no sign of plastic. No sign of anything. The world had changed.

Food was the problem. Not a shellfish in sight, no fish either. It was like a desert. He tried sucking pebbles so that he could stave off his thirst. Later he would go and try and light a fire with some marram grass in the dunes. He walked up slowly off the beach, conserving his energy. There must be something somewhere.

He came over the rise and saw an old concrete building. No door, open to the wind, but shelter. He rummaged inside the cupboards, green with algae. Rotting. But amazingly he found old tin cans. Now if he could find something to open them with, light a fire.

Alone on the island he looked out to sea. Maybe one day a ship would pass? He could only hope.

The last leaf

IMG_20191013_221734_753 (2) (2) (2) (2)_optimized

The last leaf of the world fell in 2096,

No more trees, all dead, or burned by the wildfires. The last leaf came from a young sapling that had been planted into the soil two years before.

The forests had gone. Most of the grass had gone. Algae in the sea was dying. The only thing creating oxygen were the chlorophyll pumps. Miles high, miles wide, the stirrers ran 24 hours, day and night, month after month, year after year.

So now what…? Quantum jiggery pokery…. DNA, cloning. If the Earth could cool the planet could be reforested, but that would take decades….



Sharp and spikey. Holly was a hard nut, she knew she was right every time and would fight anyone to prove it. She had been warned several times by her boss about her attitude, but like so many young business people, she could be very arrogant and snobbish.

Today she’d got into a battle with her elderly father, Joe. He had asked her to help him with his model train set. Really he had wanted a quiet word about her attitude ( She was twenty six and thought she knew all the answers) but she had refused. She told him train sets were for boys. She was going to go out and pamper herself and maybe buy a designer handbag.

Holly still lived at home, her mother cooked and cleaned for her, and her father supported her financially. She didn’t earn enough to buy anything decent in London and could not afford the deposit to rent a flat.

That night she came home late, she’d been to a party which had turned into a squabble, then an argument. She had slapped her best friend and drunk too much wine. She had told her manager, who was at the party, what she thought of her. She would probably be fired when she went into work on Monday morning….

So when she turned the key in the lock of her parents house she was hoping to creep up to bed and get some sleep. What she got instead was her parents standing there. Give me your key, her father said. You can sleep here tonight, but you leave in the morning.

Holly felt shocked and sick. Where shall I go? I don’t know and I don’t care. Your friend rang in tears and told us that you had slapped her! Your behaviour is totally unacceptable and unless you change we don’t want to see you again.

That was the day she changed. That was when she started working for a charity. That was when she learnt compassion. That was the day she grew up.

Witch night


Sitting in the dark, feeling scared. The air around her was buzzing with static electricity. The witches were meeting outside, dancing in the darkness. Hiding their power in the night.

A splintering scream shattered her nerves. Then the chant, come forth woman, come here now! Over and over again, till her ears rang and she shook with fear. Green glowing eyes peered out, finding her shape within the building.

One witch, their leader, came forward. You will come forth woman, she cried. No female is allowed to be free. Witch you are, as witch you shall be….

No she cried, never, running to the front of the house, out of the front door, out of the gate. As she got to the pavement they grabbed her.

Witch you are, witch you shall be….. You are ours now.

Grab the moon


It wasn’t a cloud, but the dark shape was reaching out, obscuring the moon. Something that had eyes, that twinkled in the moonlight. Something that had hands or arms to grab, what? The moon is a quarter of a million miles away. The object must either be close to Earth and not that big, or if it was close enough to capture the Moon then it would be millions of miles across.

Suddenly the light was blotted out. The huge shape turned and fled, the moon was gone. Its gravitational power gone too. Earth, which had its North and South poles tipped away from the vertical by a celestial accident in the past, now started to twist and dip. The planet becoming unstable and dangerous. People could only try to survive, and make signs and march to the chant ‘bring back our moon’. But nothing happened…..