Scarecrow prompt

#bandofsketchers prompt for Sunday. My hubby posed as a Scarecrow for me while we were at Trentham Gardens yesterday.  I pretended his hands were straw. Its hard to do a drawing of a Scarecrow if you don’t see them very often, but I think this gives the general idea of how they look. I think they are meant to scare away rooks and crows that might eat a crop in field. The idea is that the birds think there is a human in the field, especially if the clothes it wears are old and ragged and flap in the breeze. If you want to read or see stories about scarecrows look up Worzel Gummage who was a character in a TV series in the 1970’s.

Tribute to Monet


I’m one of twelve artists from the Orme Art group who did this picture of Monets Poppies at Argenteuil. Mines the middle one on the left. I used permanent markers and coloured pencil. Others used paints including acrylic and watercolours. It’s good to collaborate.

What I like about this is the different styles and colours. It sort of brings a modern feel to a classic painting.

We have a large field nearby that has a similar aspect, on a slope and edged with trees and hedges. The area is under threat of development although it is quite an ancient piece of farmland. I hope it can be saved. Its called the Croft and its beautiful.