Detail from a life study I did several years ago. I’ve chosen the figure in the background who is drawing because I think it’s important in a painting or drawing to show what is going on around the subject. This figure mirrors the seated life model to dome extent. On the other side of the picture is a large cloth hanging down over a screen and table. The artist on the right helps balance the image up. I used a large round brush with a good point to paint in the textures and thin lines. I did this directly onto the paper. I rarely do any pencil drawing on things like this, I draw with my brush.

old lifedrawing/painting

a few years ago at lifedrawing at Burslem Schoolo of Art, just found this photo- watercolour painting.

most of my art is stored on my phone, so I rarely look at my old PC. Sometimkes though I find things I havent seen for years, its like they are from another life. I’m only using my PC because I had problems with my passwords so came on here to change things. Its hard to follow computer instructions, too many variations, possibilities. Makes me wish for the old days when things were simple. Watercolours and cartridge paper, Analogue life.

Sunset last year

Sunset, watercolour, February 2021.

I had been for a walk with a good friend and walked a lot further than I thought I could. Oh what a difference a year makes. I couldn’t walk a third of that distance now. Every time I think I’m going to go for a walk something seems to stop me. For instance this weekend was lovely, but I had an upset stomach (too much information?), so I stayed home. I’m getting increasingly frustrated by this. I want to be out there, walking, painting, being back to normal. Instead I’m just burbling away here. Spinning out my old memories into a web of comfort that doesn’t equate to doing things for real.

Art box

I thought I’d post another picture of my old art stuff. I’ve certainly collected a lot of art equipment over the years. The pastels have dried out but the pencils are still OK. The watercolours are a bit old and powdery, maybe I can use them in a painting.

Ask me how old they are? I think twenty or thirty years old? Certainly not when I was at college, but not long after that.

Where is the box now? I think its upstairs somewhere. This photo was taken a year or two ago. I have a tenancy to find things, then put them somewhere ‘safe’ again. Which means I’ll probably not see them for another ten years! Life….

Holly in sunlight

I did this painting a few months ago in metallic watercolours which are lovely, but I can’t find them now. I wanted to use them a few times but I think I put them somewhere ‘safe’ but I have so much art stuff, old paints, pencils, pens, that sometimes I can’t find them. Yes buying to many art supplies is bad. It’s consuming too much perhaps, but I try and balance that with other purchases.

I want to try and paint on black paper and I thought these metallic paints would stand out better against it. I shall go on a hunt for them. My idea is to paint gleaming frosty leaves to celebrate the autumn chills.

Sea painting

Watercolour sketch, I think it was in Cornwall or Devon, one day we’d gone down to a harbour and I used to take watercolours and sketch pads with me on our visits. Sometimes I left them at our holiday let’s as a gift to say thank you for a lovely time.

The geology of Devon and Cornwall includes dark craggy rocks which is why I recognise the area.


My watercolour of goldfish I did this April. I just came across this while I was looking back at my previous art.

I was talking to someone yesterday about letting white paper come through in watercolours. I rarely soak the paper before I start painting and I frequently mix up strong colours, leaving patches of white where I want to show light coming through. The way I think about it is that I can control the paint without having to use masking fluid… And it’s cheaper tgan using white paint or gouache.