Cat on the line!

Our outdoor cat has decided to take charge of my hubby’s railway set. Luckily there is a pond painted in the centre so he can lie on it and not do too much damage. He’s got a heater in there so he is nice and warm. He’s also started coming in for a few minutes at night. Although he did swipe a paw at my boy cat last night. He’s happy, well fed, and has lots of fun.


A phone call.

‘Hello, I’m ringing because I believe you were recently involved in a traffic accident that was not your fault?’

Me ‘oh yes, twenty years or so ago..’

Caller ‘er’

Me ‘oh yes, that time the icecream van hit my car.I gave him a freezing look!’ or when the trapeze artist hit us, I said ‘I could swing for you!’ ‘Or maybe the time I got hit in the rear by a tractor? He ploughed right into us,’

Actually all the caller said was ‘Goodbye’ so sadly I didn’t get a chance to try out my bad sense of humour on her!

Abstract pots

Turn a photo into an abstract by mirroring it in the Layout app run through Instagram and Facebook. If you take a photo that is a bit lopsided then when you multiply the image you get interesting patterns. You can rotate the pictures so you can get a variety of different patterns.

Experiment and see what suits you. If you see odd patterns that can be interesting. Branches enclosing a flower. In this case mirrored handles on the pot makes for an unusual ceramic object when all it is, is a jug. Ariel roots and leaves from my orchid plants frame the resulting pattern.

No don’t use your computer hooman!

I will sit here hooman

Till you notice me.

You can’t type here hooman.

I won’t let you see!

If you use your keyboard,

If you touch your mouse,

I will chase the wires

Dance upon the desk.

Watch out I am jumping

On the computer keys,

Padding up and down them

Hooman- I’m here. Please,

Take some notice off me

Don’t ignore the cat,

Or I’ll press a button

And Delete all that!

Monday limerick


On Mondays we write limericks at Esther Chiltons blog here.

Her prompt for us today was Zoom.

I decided to zoom past the obvious usage of the world and wrote this:

The telescope was set on Zoom
He could see the man in the moon
I’ll get in my rocket
With some cheese in my pocket
To feed old moony real soon!


A limerick to creativity


With this app I will play

Make new images every day

Make my whiskers go all spikey

Make your love much more likely

Art is fun, is what I say!

Not sure if I’ve got the limerick right, it rhymes the same for the first two lines and the last line, and the third and fourth rhyme too. But I’m not sure it fits the rhythm of a limerick…

Da da dah da dah da da dadada (lines one, two and five)

and – Da da da dah da (lines three and four).

For instance, this is more recognisably a limerick:

There once was a cat had a fishery

It ate all the perch and the chicory,

It hadn’t a clue

What it needed to do

So it went into debt and to bankruptcy?

Although it doesn’t make much sense! But then again limericks don’t have to, they are often nonsense verse. For instance Lewis Carrol whose real name was Charles Dodson. Anyway strange post I guess…