Monday limerick


On Mondays we write limericks at Esther Chiltons blog here.

Her prompt for us today was Zoom.

I decided to zoom past the obvious usage of the world and wrote this:

The telescope was set on Zoom
He could see the man in the moon
I’ll get in my rocket
With some cheese in my pocket
To feed old moony real soon!


Many moons ago

CaptainBirdsEye (1)_optimized

In a time when photos

were printed on paper,

and swords

were made of cardboard

and silver foil.

Hooped earrings were in fashion,

And bangles jingled.

I wore an eyepatch on my glasses

and pretended to be

Long John Silver,

or Captain Hook,

Red beard

or some other rapskallion…

Oh what fun!

To be young again,

and silly…



For a laugh earlier in the year me and my hubby agreed to be extras in a local film. We didn’t do much except go into a building for a seance and then come out and drive away. I don’t even know if we will still be in it, we might be on the cutting room floor! But at least we get to see the premiere! I’ve got to go and get some face paint as it’s fancy dress. I’m glad, I don’t want to be recognised. Hopefully it will be a bit if fun…. And the TV people are coming. I might go and hide in a corner!

Typing while asleep


I like blogging, but lately I’ve been nodding off when I’m doing it. I start typing and then I fall asleep. My finger stays on the keyboard and I end up typing random letters like ‘:hh:j=jm

I can’t help it the tiredness is being caused by a lack of sleep at night and then busy days.


There I go again. Not through trying to sstat awake. Stay Awake…. The heat isn’t helping.

Going tj :ed soon. (going to bed soon) can’t keep my eyes o or eb b do no it want to sedep yet

Can feel my eyes going. Got to sleep. Vvvv::jjńnjkk.


Moustache madness


I came across this photo from about 5 years ago….

When attending a moustache workshop

Be careful where you put the glue

You might end up looking like Rembrant

Laughing like a cavalier.

You might end up with curling eyebrows,

Or with a twisting beard.

Just don’t go mad with super glue

Or you might have it for Years!

Supporting red nose day

Red nose day is a British charity which started many years ago. They do a telethon every two years and do comic sketches and serious reports to raise money for good causes. So far they have raised over £40 million. The money is split 50/50 between the UK and other countries..

They are trying to fight malaria, end child marriage, support families in need.

The comic relief symbol is the red nose. They sell these and other merchandise to raise funds. That’s why I’m wearing mine here 😜


Someone (a friend) saw my rather serious selfies and asked me to take some photos of me laughing. I’ve never done that before and so I was a bit surprised but I said yes….

These are the results including me with a straight face.

I’m imagining having to do a passport photo and choosing to do it with me laughing, how much fun would that be? And instead of “filter faces” where everyone has to have perfect skin and features and hair why not have do this instead? fun…. life is too serious sometimes.

I’ve got one photo of me somewhere that had me wearing a stick on moustache, and others in hats, also in face paints. Life is too short, life is often hard and boring, sometimes we need to break away from its difficulties….

When I was a child I won a funny  face competition at school. I used to pull faces all the time, when we grow up we forget all those things!

So go ahead, even if you don’t post it, pull a face now, or roar with laughter, or just giggle. ….relax and be free of social pressures for a second! Laughter is good medicine .

I might just do a painting of these. There are some sculptures I saw on tv of a man pulling faces……not sure who did them or why, but he showed his humanity.