Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was memory. I don’t have a photo of this but it’s stuck in my mind. There was a rock wall and maybe a tree growing up from it, or growing nearby. That is what I see in my minds eye. The tree trunk was very gnarled and each time I walked past I saw a gnarly face.

This is from when I was a child. There was also an avenue of similar trees behind it. But I can’t remember how they were placed. Then there were park railings and houses beyond. Its funny what sticks in the memory. X

Your face is a map

Ink bleeds through paper. Draw around those patches, lines and dots, and you get a patchwork ‘map’ that looks like roads and boulevards, streets and squares. A change of colour for city blocks. Villages line up on roads between fields. Some streets are tree lined, others are concrete. Does it show your age? Are you industrial or agrarian? Modern or ancient? Fortified? Or do you see veins, arteries and capillaries?

Cat Woman

Doodle in ArtRage oils free app. I’m so busy drawing with felt pens that I forgot that I have it on my phone. I’m sort of sticking with blue and yellow as my main colours. Why, because Ukraine is on my mind. I guess this isn’t brilliant but finger painting with smudgy drawing tools can be difficult. I don’t know what made me draw this, but it was fun..


Eerie multiple photo. If I was describing it to someone I would say it looks almost human, but it could be some strange concoction of a scent hunter. The noses look weird because they are wider than normal, and the eyes are tiny and embedded into the facial flesh. It could almost be part of a bestiary. I have found a few images in them that are quite amazing and also bizarre, but I think this could almost fit in with the criteria of one of them. X


Why do I feel hot? I’m melting. Not my age? It’s winter, I’ve got the heating on. But I’m hot. I’m not ill, I was, but I’m getting better. I guess it’s because I have been standing in front of the cooker making tea (evening meal). I was looking for a drawing to show how I feel and this one from a couple of days ago illustrates it well. As you get older life seems to get more complicated. I swear I think bits are going to start falling off me!

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit better. But even so, I think I will have an early night. Life, its wonderful but complex.

Experiment, atomic

I experimented with a sunset sky and added texture to it. Then I added some flood fill colours on a low tolerance so they didn’t spread far. Finally I used a sketching app to add the face and hair. I called it atomic because it reminds me of cloud chamber patterns, the patterns of electrons and Cosmic rays make as they pass through cold wet air.