What shall I paint next?

I don’t know what to paint next, I have so many paintings, maybe too many? If anything ever happens to me will they end up in a charity shop? Should I donate some to my local museum? I’m responsible for a lot of acrylic on canvas! The thing is I love painting and drawing so much. I hope I bring as much enjoyment to other peoples lives as possible. Art makes me feel better, more relaxed, happy, or sometimes sad, contemplative, thoughtful, or just calm.

Hubby drawing

We went out last weekend and I suggested that my hubby did a drawing while we were out. This was me looking back at him as he sat and drew. I think drawing helps calm you down. Takes your mind off things, helps you concentrate. I think people should take a pen or pencil and some paper out with them. Just look at something to draw, it could be a tree, a statue, a building, a flower. Look at what you are drawing and try and understand it. Try not to make it up but really look. I think everyone should learn art. The world needs Art and artists. Sculptors, photographers, printers. Those skills help coordination. That’s what I feel…..

Light in the sky

Half past five in the evening and the clouds scud by. There’s still light in the sky but the rain showers keep pounding the windows. I love the newly washed look of the air. Almost sparkling. When I came here forty years ago there was far more heavy industry in the area. Smoke and dust polluted the air. A smog sometimes settled over the city and you could smell the fumes from the tyre factory or enamel being fired onto pottery if the wind was in the right direction. Now the wind is more a carrier of sound. The local A road and the motorway. The occasional sound of pile drivers when new buildings are erected, which is not very often. Sometimes smoke travels on the forlorn breeze as an old building accidentally burns down. So sad. So much bustle gone. We are a warehouse city of poorly paid jobs. No real chances. No ambition if the naysayers are believed. I think we can do better. Think creative, be creative. Let a bit of light shine on us. X

Willow pattern

A bad, fuzzy close up

Of a painting I did

A willow pattern plate

That Spode pottery made

Based on patterns

That came from the east

So many variations

That you find all around.

Blue and white pottery

Glazed and painted

By skilled, creative artists

Paid by piecework,

(the number they did) .

Stoke on Trent city

A fading of clay,

But once so many people

Gave their art to the day.

horse on its side

OK, I dont know why I like this

but this horse

on its side

could be stone

waiting to be carved

hewn out of rock

pumice from a volcano

found in an ancient town

or modern art

tipped sideways to shock

graffitti painted in white

on a famous building?

or slapped onto shutters

before they open

to the next day’s sun.