Walking like a crab

Still sore😢 after pulling a muscle in my calf. I can’t climb steps so I slept in an armchair. I found it easier to walk sideways like a crab! When I overstretch it really hurts so I’m shuffling like an old lady!

Does anyone know how long this will hurt for? I have so much to do. It is extremely frustrating! I keep having to stretch my leg a bit to stop me seizing up but then it hurts again. I’m really tired.


I decided o do some leaflets about my cat, which was fine till the printer ran out of ink! I went in the computer shop only to find out they don’t stock that ink anymore. Grr

So I diligently delivered over thirty leaflets. I had to fill in gaps in the ettering where it had not printed properly.

I’ve removed his name and my phone number as this is being shared in public. You have to be so cautious about sharing information. I just want my cat back.


Life’s a maze

You can’t always navigate life in a straight line. Sometimes we search for treasure and cannot find it. There are side roads and cul de sacs that hold us up or block our paths. Sometimes that is our fault, sometimes it can be others. I think somehow you have to accept things and then carry on. It’s been a sad week and I’m not over it yet, but I’m coming to terms with it. I won’t go on about things, you just have to realise that there are people who are far worse off than you. Try and help them if you can x

Gone, not gone?

My heart hurts

I miss you so much

I stroke your shadow

In my imagination

The way you purred

And pranced

Jumped high

Balanced like a gymnast

My podgy puddy cat

Leaned back and looked up

Paw high


Waiting to nuzzle my hand

My memories

My dreams

You are still there.

Like Schrodinger’s Cat

Gone, not gone?


Not come home.

I still don’t know where my cat has gone. We went for a walk yesterday evening with our cat carrier. If we saw him in someone’s window or garden we were going to knock on their door and demand they give him back!

Sadly that didn’t happen. I feel more and more despondent. There is an empty space in the house and in my mind. The way he ran up and jumped on the back of the settee with a purrow! The way he came into the bathroom in the morning and greeted me with head butt’s and cheek rubs. I miss him. Hubby misses him. If he has died because of his heart condition I want to be able to say goodbye.

Sorry, just so sad….

Missing cat

My boy cat has gone missing. If you live in Stoke-on-Trent, I’m near Portmeirion pottery. He does go out but usually comes in at night, or first thing in the morning.

I’ve always trained my cats to come when I whistle a short tune. I use it because the sound carries better than shouting.

I’m worried because he has a heart murmur. I’m just posting here on the off chance someone might know something.

Gate house

View of the gatehouse of the cemetery with masses of Clematis Montana? growing up and around trees in the grounds. Splendid gates and brick pillars add to the impression of a proud building. I enjoyed walking through the cemetery tonight, in a gentle rain. The somber clouds echoing the place.

I like the subtle colours in this photo, mostly muted except for the lime greens of some of the newly grown leaves, sulphurous and alive, balancing out the pinks, greys and browns. It had just stopped raining (we had been sheltering under a tree when I took this photo). I dont know what I think of buildings in cemeteries, could anyone acyually live there or is it offices? and who locks up the gates at night- is there an official gate keeper?