Croaky, eating trifle

Staying in with a croaky sore throat and a bit of a cough. No covid testing kits, so better to keep away from everyone.

I made this on Sunday, it has jelly with raspberries and port in it. Very soothing for my throat. Its low sugar because I use a bit of sweetner instead of sugar. It’s cool and tasty. Unfortunately I had to use custard (not my favourite), but it went down well.

What’s your comfort food? If I didn’t have this it would be ice-cream or yoghurt.. All the stuff that’s bad for me! ❤️

Silver Sliver?

When you sit all day feeling ill with a sore throat and a cough what do you do? I draw wobbly sketches! Play with filters, add colours, use metallic pens. Play with words. I think since I’ve been doing Esther Chilton’s blog challenges (limericks and five word challenges) it’s made me think more about words and how they work. It’s also taking part in #bandofsketchers prompts which gives me the chance to illustrate different ideas. Yes it is just a minor, wobbly, not very clear sketch, and I have put it through digital filters. But it keeps my mind busy and takes it off other thoughts, like feeling too sorry for myself. I think I experience flow, that feeling of time passing without you noticing, and being in the ‘now’? X

Hot soothing drink

I’ve got up because I needed the bathroom. I’m still suffering with the lurgy. Not Covid according to the tests I’ve been doing. So I still have a sore throat and a cough which is worse when I lied down. I can’t take some cold meds as I’m on tablets that contraindicate them. I can’t use lemsip because it has something that can affect your heart rate. Instead I’m drinking hot diluted blackcurrant cordial, it’s sugar free and very tasty when it’s watered down, it seems to coat and soothe my throat. That and paracetamol every few hours seems to be doing the trick. X

Goodnight x


I went into a shop tonight, but I’d forgotten to take a mask with me. I felt naked as I walked around. Every cough or sneeze made me jump! The trouble is for the last few nights I’ve been at rehersals and I’ve trusted everyone is covid free. Now I’ve started with a bit of a cough and a sore throat. I will do a covid test in the morning and check. I have to say I’m quite worried. I hope it’s just a sniffle. I’ve had all my jabs, so I hope if it is I will be OK.

Rain and more rain

It hasn’t stopped raining for the last two days, places in Scotland have had as much rain in a day as they usually have in a month. I’ve kept inside and kept my sore throat and sniffles to myself. I think the weather has bought the bad bugs out. Plus with travelling last week I’ve probably come into contact with other people who have had colds. I did a lateral flow test this morning that was negative, but instead of my usual poor sleep I’ve been totally exhausted. Anyway at this rate I’ll be building an ark!

Sore throat time

Blugh! I feel tired and ill. Still negative for covid but getting fed up with my sore, croaky throat. It’s so annoying and it feels like it’s going on my chest. My body aches. It’s been so long since I’ve had a proper cold or flu, you forget how lethargic it makes you feel. I’m sitting with the cat poddling (kneading) my knee. Ouch, too tired to push him off. But it’s a comfort… And my nose keeps dripping like a tap. Hubby is cooking poached egg on toast. Hooray!

A cold?

Phew! Negative test. Just got a sore throat and runny nose. Plus hot and achey. Probably a head cold. I will do another test tomorrow just to be on the safe side. If I have caught it then me and my hubby will have to stay in till its gone. In that case I might have to order food in on line? I can’t expect to get someone to go shopping for me. It is, I guess, a first world problem.


On the day I’m ill with a sore throat and aches, my hubby has decided to have a clear out of some books and this glass chess set (bought years ago). We don’t use it as we have a small wooden set. This has sat in its box for years. Time to give it a new lease of life. The box was very dusty which as I wiped it over made me cough from the dust! We have over a thousand books and it’s hard to say goodbye to old friends. X


Today was a sore throat, tired sort of day, a rummaging in the freezer so I didn’t have to cook properly day. I found a sausage, cranberry and sage crown (wrapped in flaky pastry). Hubby had bought it at Christmas and I hadn’t fancied it then. But with a sore throat, how bad could it be? I cooked it till it was slightly burnt, but it was OK. With boiled new potatoes, carrots and parsnip. It tasted sweet, and slightly sour/bitter. I have to say I wouldn’t have another one, but at least it’s out of the freezer.