Still negative

Spending time worrying about whether I have covid means I have not really thought about all the other bugs out there. They can be transmitted differently, for instance by touching surfaces. I think covid is spread more by breathing in droplets.

Anyway, bam! I have got a bad cold or virus, and as many of these haven’t been around as much because people were not interacting or being in close contact with one another. We are all more susceptible to the risks of other diseases now. You might have immunity to one illness, but if you are not in contact with it frequently then it can be worse when you get it again. What fun! Sniffles…..

Positively Negative!

Feeling a bit happier this morning. I couldn’t sleep because when I lay down I started to cough. If I sit up I can breathe. I think I have a touch of bronchitis. Thankfully there is no sign of a positive result on my lateral flow test. I spoke to my pharmacy and they said they have test kits in but they will cost £2 each. That’s a bit much to pay but I guess I need some as I’m running out. Oh for the days when I could get them for free. Anyway symptoms are the cough, aches and a very sore throat which I have sugar free lozenges but I need paracetamol to get on top of it. Bleugh! I feel rotten…


I went into a shop tonight, but I’d forgotten to take a mask with me. I felt naked as I walked around. Every cough or sneeze made me jump! The trouble is for the last few nights I’ve been at rehersals and I’ve trusted everyone is covid free. Now I’ve started with a bit of a cough and a sore throat. I will do a covid test in the morning and check. I have to say I’m quite worried. I hope it’s just a sniffle. I’ve had all my jabs, so I hope if it is I will be OK.

Covid on the up?

My friend just told me she has covid and a few other friends have had it recently. Then someone else posted this graph on Facebook. There is a definite uptick on the right of the graph. It’s not clear how it will progress and given the lack of publication of the stats on TV anymore its not surprising that people are possibly getting a little complacent about it. Yes most people are vaccinated, but it doesn’t mean you will be totally immune. I just hope that people can get over it quickly. I for one keep buying and wearing masks.

Independent business

Thursdays #bandofsketchers prompt was independent business. I had to think about it and since I’m trying to run an independent business I drew this. But with covid and the current cost of living crisis it is difficult to get anywhere. One thing I do is paint tiny canvases so that if people don’t have much space or can’t afford a big painting then they can chose a little picture.


A building with red safety rails began to be built two years or so years ago. This steel skeleton was erected within a few weeks. But then Covid struck. Work stopped and never resumed. Instead we are left with an unbuilt block of studio flats.

There is nothing to indicate who the owners are or whether it will be completed. Bits of metal are strewn in the base of the building including a battered wheelbarrow. The security fencing and security gates have been severely damaged and the site is accessible through the broken gate. Whenever it is completed I hope it will be better than the current site.

Not over yet

Slowly, quietly, Covid numbers are starting to rise again. Last week in the UK one in seventy people were being infected with Covid, including new Omicron variants. This week its gone up to one in sixty five. Life seems to just go on. No one seems very concerned anymore. I keep wearing masks. I can’t see any point in stopping. I need to buy some more lateral flow tests. The government stopped giving them out for free a few months ago. It’s got to end one day, but when? Who knows.

Talking to people?

I love painting but I find it hard to sell. My mind sometimes goes into panic mode and I say strange things instead of pleasantries. I can hear my voice coming out with odd comments, about someone’s walking stick, or immesaying I will discount the price of a print when they have barely looked at it. Today was odd and difficult. It’s been a long time since I have had to talk to people about my art. I was not fluent with my thoughts. I was nervous, sometimes tounge tied. As the number of people increased it got worse. My throat got dry. I wanted to talk but I just stayed silent. It was better towards the end, but I’m an artist not a saleswoman. Anxiety and covid make it harder.


I was just stopped in the street by a woman who said ‘you know there’s no one around?’ I looked about me and said ‘yes I can see that’. Then she said ‘so you don’t need a mask’ I looked at her. Why tell me this when I had just forgotten to take it off, but why did it matter to her? Then she said ‘it might make it difficult for you to breathe with carbon Dioxide building up behind it.’

Oh I really wanted to say something, like ‘oh dear, so many people collapsing after wearing a mask for more than five minutes!’ or ‘ they are permiable to air, they just stop viruses’. But I bit my lip under my mask and said ‘no I’m OK. I’m used to wearing a mask at night, I have sleep aponea’. ‘Oh that OK then’ she said. I said ‘goodnight’ and walked off. But then called back ‘I’m still cautious about covid’. Perhaps people belive it’s over? But it’s my choice to wear a mask.

Too many people

I was shocked at my reaction to visiting the Thai temple at King’s Bromley today. There were so many people. It was a friendly atmosphere but I felt overwhelmed. I went into the crowded area in front of the stage (wearing a mask), but almost immediately I had to get away. I burst into tears! I went and sat in the shade of a tree away from the main crowd. I didn’t like being exposed to do many people. I was also surprised that only one other people were wearing masks. I’m supposed to be visiting somewhere else tomorrow but I’m seriously concerned about how I will cope, fear, nerves and anxiety again ?