Once I had a drawing (this took thirty minutes), I played with different filters to create different effects. This was using the negative filter on my phone. I have so many sketches and sketch books that I think I ought to store together. I also have thousands of photos on my phone. It’s a way of keeping memories and meaning. But sometimes the photos you really want are the ones you never remembered to tske…

Drinking dragon

Used a digital app to u the contrast and colours on this drawing, I also made parts of it negative. I think it’s an interesting effect. The reds and greens have been enhanced, they were actually on the other side of the sketchbook page I use. It’s thinker paper than some but the ink can bleed through slightly to the other side of the paper.

Sore throat

Sore throat, aches, tired. But at least I tested negative for Covid. I don’t know how I’ve got this ‘cold’. I go everywhere outside in a mask. But I suppose I could have picked it up off a surface when I’ve been shopping. At one stage I was washing all the shopping that came into the house. I guess I’ve dropped my guard a bit..?

One thing, I won’t be going out to anything while I have this cold. Just because it isn’t Covid doesn’t mean I should go out and share it. I’m just going to take cold medicine and keep my fluids up. I didn’t wake up till 3pm, not good. The sun has now set and I feel dull and sleepy.


We are going to our local University Fine Art shows so we had to take lateral flow tests. I didn’t think there would be a problem but we went and had the tests today to check. The test centre was local and easy to find. The staff were friendly and when we arrived we were the only people there. After giving our details we each sat at a table and were shown a diagram of where your tonsils are at the back and sides of your mouth, not at the upper back. Then we were given a swab to rub on your tonsils and then up your nose (yuk). Then the wait, they said it would be half an hour. My hubbys came back negative by text, but no sign of mine. I had to walk back round and get a photo of the form that said negative so I can prove I’m OK!



Have I matured,

or aged?

Is my skin like parchment,

smooth and soft?

Or crumpled and full

of wrinkles?

Do I need ‘plumping up’

or ironing flat?

My age is my story,

my experience and thoughts.

Worn or rested.

Life takes its toll,

and continues on,

giving and taking.

Life has magic

and cruelty.

Give it  chance

to take you

on your own special journey.



Pen tops..


Here are the permanent pens I’m using for my sketches.

I just thought I’d post a picture because I liked the bright colours. I’ve actually got another challenge I’ve been given to post black and white photos for seven days, so I could alter this…


Of course you can use your photo editor to change the hue… _20200504_004437

Or create a negative image…. _20200504_004321

So what am I saying? If you have a smart phone, it’s fun to play with your phones photo software. You might be surprised what you can create.