Blurred vision

Vision changes with age. If you have shortsightedness it can sometimes get better because your eyeballs can shrink with age, that means the image hitting the retina at the back of the eye comes back into better focus. On the other hand the lens in your eye can start to stiffen and the muscles around it don’t pull on it as well as when you are younger. So the lens does not focus as it used to. This is called presbyopia and tends to affect people over forty (if I remember). Hence vision can change with time. Worth getting an eye test?

Old TV

Some people will remember these, before huge flat screen TVs, before TV remote controls, even before colour TV. I give you the cathode ray tube, where an electron gun shot rays at a flourescing front screen in lines and the picture appeared on its surface. The ‘tube’ was a conical shape with a square flat front. It was a vacuum tube so if it broke it would implode as air got in….

People employed TV repairmen to come out if it stopped working (replacing valves or solid state electronics? I’m not sure.) Gradually things changed until TVs changed shape and now use liquid crystal displays.

When ours went on the blink we found hitting it just above the on off switch with a hairbrush got it to work. Apparently the electric connection in the switch burns away slowly so the contacts were seperated, hitting it knocked them back together. Probably not safe!

Sore throat

I don’t think it’s serious. I just have a sore throat, but I haven’t gone out today despite needing shopping and the chance of some entertainment. I just feel a bit hot and tired, but that could be age related (yay hot flushes, not) and it is humid. I went to bed this afternoon and tried to sleep but then hubby decided he wanted a conversation…. Out came grouchy me… Leave me alone me… But now I’m more awake but might go to bed early…


How do you work out the radius of a satellite dish when all you know is its diameter? That was the strange question I tried to answer on twitter last night.

First of all I had to remember my school girl maths from fifty years ago.

I remembered the diameter if found with the formula 2 pi r. Where pi is 22/7. I couldn’t remember the decimal version and I wasn’t using a calculator so I divided 7 into 22 and got 3.142. Then r is the radius, which is half of 70=35.

So then I had to multiply (on paper again) 2 Xx 3.142= 6.284. And multiply that by 35. As my multiplication is not good I added 3 lots of 62.84 together = 188.52, then added 6.284 together five times = 31.41 (yes it’s long winded but accurate). Add the two figures together and you get 219.93.

I don’t know BODMAS or PODMAS or whatever they are called. But I actually got it right. Not to bad for an oldie!

PS the formula for area is pi r squared. Not going there!


Why do I feel hot? I’m melting. Not my age? It’s winter, I’ve got the heating on. But I’m hot. I’m not ill, I was, but I’m getting better. I guess it’s because I have been standing in front of the cooker making tea (evening meal). I was looking for a drawing to show how I feel and this one from a couple of days ago illustrates it well. As you get older life seems to get more complicated. I swear I think bits are going to start falling off me!

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit better. But even so, I think I will have an early night. Life, its wonderful but complex.

Don’t look at me like that?

Taking a photo and playing with it. I discovered one side of my face looks older and more dour than the other one. My face frowns and my mouth turns down, there’s more lines. I might have to get a haircut too, but it doesn’t really matter. I think observing yourself is part of being an artist, self portraits tell a story. Distorting them can ask a question.

Some images can be more distorted than others! Making the image black and white helps me concentrate on the features.

What are you doing to me wordpress?

Are you turning into instagram?

What are all these new buttons?

Easier or more complex?

My brain is struggling

To keep up with unwanted changes!

I was driving with gears

Now you’ve given me an Automatic

taken away the clutch

but not told me where the brakes are!

Is that fair?

I’m a blogger

not a programmer

or coder

or whatever

these newfangled things are?


1/10 so far….

Going grey


What are they for?

And going grey

What is the point?

Feeling worn out

Losing my mojo

Growing tired

But I ain’t dead yet

I have knowledge

I see patterns in history.

No not grey

Precious silver

Or platinum.

Not wrinkles

But the map of my life.

Strong like a diamond

Moulded by the pressure

Of living.

Go back to the sea.

Along the pier

Walk out to Sea

Across the tide

My life to be?

An old man thinks

Of times gone by

Boyhood days

Of gulls and skies.

Of storms and fog

Waves rolling high.

A girl goes skipping

The length of the pier

In the arcades

Candy floss, she cheers.

A woman now

Looks back in time.

Worm eaten memories

Are lost in rhyme.

From young to old

Each person’s regrets

Are tied together

In their own nets.

Sea and sand

Cliffs and rock

All remembered

As the gulls flock.