Juxtaposed they sat

The jelly mold and the light

Till they got in a fight

The triceratops came off worst

The cat pounced

Paw out

Dinosaurs leg fell off

Juxtaposed in opposition

They growled

And snarled.

Only in the dark

The cats eyes sharp

Wobbled over to the triceratops

Whose battery had gone flat.

Batted it with a jelly paw


Now he’s really flat!

Morning time.

Bin time

Sorry you can’t be glued.

Now jelly mold

Hangs it’s head in shame

Magnetised with a hook

To the fridge!

At the boating lake


My hubby went out with his remote control boat today. He took it to the boating lake in the park. This park is beautifully tended with floral borders and a restored boat house.

I wish I’d gone, but I was busy sorting things out as we are having to get a new washing machine. The old one has finally given up. The thing works but it keeps coming up with error messages. E8, E9. Don’t know what they mean but it’s stopping it finishing the programmes. I can only get it to work on one, 30 minutes 30 degrees…

But what’s this got to do with parks? Only that I didn’t go on a walk. They did about ten miles. I wish I was fit enough to do it. Humph!


Washing machine broken!


The panel that lights up on our washing machine is not working. It’s just not lighting, so the touch activated panel won’t work. I can’t programme it. The dial next to it is beeping so it’s clear it is on, it’s so annoying. I wanted to get a wash done.. Nothing. So what do I do? I’m trying to get someone to come out. I don’t want to replace it. It’s a good machine. Replacing is expensive and wastes resources. Fixing saves money and you don’t have to throw the thing away. The problem is the lock down, but as non essential shops have opened we might be able to do something.

Fingers crossed…


Cracked sink


Oops! When you can’t get replacement, the last thing you want to do is break your bathroom sink. I was too vigorous with the feather (nylon actually) duster. I swiped at a cobweb and knocked a heavy glass bottle off the bathroom cabinet and into the sink!

Result, big star shaped crack! Grr. So a bit of spring cleaning leads to disaster…..

Friday the thirteenth


I would post a photo of my beautiful yellow glass bowl with blue conch shaped feet. But the cat jumped up on the window ledge at 6 o’clock this morning and knocked it off – smash! So I was sweeping up bits of glass and pottery from a ceramic cat that was also there.

This was after my hubby woke me up at 4 am because he couldn’t sleep. Then I went back to bed but he was cooking some breakfast so he kept crashing about in the kitchen. I finally got back to sleep about 9am, then woke up at 11am. Did I say I hadn’t  gone to bed till 2am.

So, Friday the thirteenth? What else can happen?