Fighting with Jpegs!

Not showing much, just a glimpse.

I’ve been working on my MA project Al day and it’s driving me mad. I have one image that will save as a .Tif file but not as a .Jpeg, no matter what I do I get a notification that the file is not supported or something. All the rest are fine. I have both sorts of files so I can put them into a website that will print a one off book for you! Argh!

You are number 17

You are number 17 in the queue

Your call will be answered shortly

You are number 16 in the queue

We are experiencing some difficulties…

We will answer as soon as possible

You are number 16 in the queue

You are number 16 in the queue

We are experiencing some issues with your call

You are number 14 in the queue!

Please bare with us while we try to answer your call.

You are number 13….

We want to answer your call..

You are 12..

Am I regressing?

You are 12…

Why Vivaldi….?

You are number 11

Why am I still waiting?

You are now number 8 in the queue

Sorry you are number 10 in the queue.

What? What? Why?

You are number 8….

Almost there…

You are 7

Yes I am!

You are 6

5, 4, 3, 2?

You are number 5 in the queue

We are sorry for the delay in answering your call.

You are number 4 in the queue

You are number 3

You are 2


You are number 1 in the queue. Thank you for waiting.

Oh what’s forty five minutes among friends…

Hello? Oh I’m sorry, Jack has just left for the weekend. Could you ring back on Monday?!



My body is literally a pain. From recent problems to chronic health issues, I have to admit things are mounting up. I want to get to 100 when Halleys Comet is due to be back in our skies, but I’m getting fed up. I think my mind is fine but things keep going wrong. Must be my genetic makeup. Fingers crossed I don’t get anything else. At least one thing I have is determination. I don’t easily give up. Here’s another lot of tablets? Fine, thank you. I am thankful for the NHS, I don’t know how I would cope without it!


Please provide…. ‘ xxxxxx’ said the email. Various documents for our insurance claim. So, you then realise you have too many documents. Piles and piles, because you don’t want to have identity theft and the shredder got too hot last time you used it….

So, going through pile four of eight lots you find one thing. You ask hubby if he knows where things are and he hands you something. So that’s two out of ten things you need…

I looked through it all. Found nothing else.. Rang up the shop we bought the thing from… Yes they can let us have a copy of something..

Then I looked at the table I’d got things on. There underneath everything was a crucial document. I hadn’t seen it before because I had put it upside down to write notes on the back! Phew!

Then I asked hubby because I can’t find another document. ‘that’s online ‘ he said. I found the email… What’s the password? ‘I don’t know’ came the reply.

Having a rest. Will ring Monday. Peeved.

Installation frustration

Three hours wasted!

I had to buy a new printer/scanner because I couldn’t get the ink for my old one. So I thought I’d upgrade.

Big mistake! I started reading the instructions, popped in the disc to upload the new info. Then I put paper in and opened up the printer to install the inks. So far so good…

But, I clicked on a link on the screen and wondered why the WiFi setting on the printer looked like my old printer control screen? Still I did what it said and then decided to try and print. You guessed, there was an error linking up the computer and the scanner.

OK, I decided to link it up with a USB cable because the WiFi appeared not to be working. No joy. So I read the instructions a bit more and you had to press a WSP button on your router to get the computer to pick up the signal. I came downstairs and found the button. Pressed it, so it flashed. Back upstairs… Signal strength not strong enough. So I looked at the instructions, went back a few pages and set it for USB again, and working offline.

Then, I looked at the instructions again. Why was it showing the old control panel??!!

I realised that the disc had not whirred, it hadn’t installed. I’d wasted two hours! So, feeling foolish, I booted it up.. It said do this and that (already done) then do something else, yes, done. OK it seemed to be working. I checked the printer pattern. The printer whirred and a sheet of paper came out… Blank! Invisible ink? I tried cleaning the printer head. Nothing. I took the ink cartridges out. Their bases were pierced and I could hear ink sloshing… Strange. I rang the shop. They didn’t know what was happening so I said I would go back in the morning.

So.. I have a printer with ink, that is linked to the computer. But despite three hours, it won’t print, there is ink and paper, but the ink isn’t flowing!

Grrr, I want to print leaflets about my cat… And I’m stuck.

Self portrait

Collage, sponged black acrylic and ink. Then watercolour on top.

We were due to have a portrait drawing session yesterday but the server wasn’t working. So I decided to have an experiment and throw some ideas I’ve been playing with at the subject. The background wasn’t that important, it was more about texture and frustration than anything else. I missed meeting up with my college friends…..


She asked him again not to make a sandwich on the cupboard top. The cats jump up there and you don’t know what they are leaving there! Here, use a plate?

The man shouted that she was nagging, he didn’t need a plate. She tried again, there could be viruses or bacteria, you haven’t wiped it down?

But he still wouldn’t listen. So she decided to accidentally sprinkle coffee grains and sweetner on the cupboard. At least then if he went to make a sandwich he might use a plate? But no, he didn’t but at least he wiped the cupboard down!

Three years

Three years of WordPress, and the last three days have been the worst.

Trying to navigate round it’s new appearance on my phone. I can’t stop it posting to Facebook all the time. I’ve chosen the classic option, but I’m still trying to work my way through it.

I can’t do as many posts as I was doing and it’s hard to think of what to write when your mind is on finding your way through. Each time I try different options but come back to the same place. Grr!

Now email problems!

Had an email this morning. Because my email is in someone else’s platform I have to download an app or something so it still works in a few weeks. Why? Because I’ve chosen to run the email address this way I’m not bombarded with adverts and junk. I don’t want to lose my email address so I guess I must comply. But it’s irritating. Why can’t they leave things alone. If you can’t email me soon you will know why!