Installation frustration

Three hours wasted!

I had to buy a new printer/scanner because I couldn’t get the ink for my old one. So I thought I’d upgrade.

Big mistake! I started reading the instructions, popped in the disc to upload the new info. Then I put paper in and opened up the printer to install the inks. So far so good…

But, I clicked on a link on the screen and wondered why the WiFi setting on the printer looked like my old printer control screen? Still I did what it said and then decided to try and print. You guessed, there was an error linking up the computer and the scanner.

OK, I decided to link it up with a USB cable because the WiFi appeared not to be working. No joy. So I read the instructions a bit more and you had to press a WSP button on your router to get the computer to pick up the signal. I came downstairs and found the button. Pressed it, so it flashed. Back upstairs… Signal strength not strong enough. So I looked at the instructions, went back a few pages and set it for USB again, and working offline.

Then, I looked at the instructions again. Why was it showing the old control panel??!!

I realised that the disc had not whirred, it hadn’t installed. I’d wasted two hours! So, feeling foolish, I booted it up.. It said do this and that (already done) then do something else, yes, done. OK it seemed to be working. I checked the printer pattern. The printer whirred and a sheet of paper came out… Blank! Invisible ink? I tried cleaning the printer head. Nothing. I took the ink cartridges out. Their bases were pierced and I could hear ink sloshing… Strange. I rang the shop. They didn’t know what was happening so I said I would go back in the morning.

So.. I have a printer with ink, that is linked to the computer. But despite three hours, it won’t print, there is ink and paper, but the ink isn’t flowing!

Grrr, I want to print leaflets about my cat… And I’m stuck.

Confused photos

Darn! I decided to clean up my photos, and suddenly they are all mixed up! Photos from 2018 ahead of 2021!

I’ve got photos I need, I will have to edit them to push some of them forward I hope?

They are still there though.. But how irritating!

Out of order,

Out of time


I forget where.

Three tears

For three years

Confused art

Where to start!

A little doodle



Flat tyre…

That was not fun!

We had been out for our afternoon walk and I decided to go out again because I’d forgotten something from the shop up the hill. I asked my hubby if he wanted to come out again. Yes, so I got in the car and he walked round the passenger side only to find the rear tyre was completely flat.

That’s OK we have a tyre inflating pump? In the car? No….? Hubby thinks he’s ‘borrowed it’ to inflate his motorbike tyres. He also ‘borrowed’ my car keys to look in the boot of the car….

It wasn’t in the boot so he went off to look in the kitchen (as you do) and then the shed….Half an hour later, the only thing he could find was an old footpump and a bike pump with a shrader connector. I couldnt find my keys- until I spotted them stuck in the passenger side door- where he had left them when he went in search of things walked off!

I said I would walk to the local garage while he tried the foot pump. I decided to go and buy another inflator so there would be enough air in the tyre to drive down the garage and inflate it fully with their air machine. Off I walked while he, having given the foot pump a go and not getting any air in the tyre started with the bicycle pump! I came back with a new air compressor to find he had managed to half inflate the tyre! We then tried the new compressor ( I turned on the engine- he attached the valve to the tyre) No, it didnt seem to work! So I decided to drive us down to the garage…I asked where the foot pump was and he said he had left it on the pavement,

The flat wheel registered at 22 psi- thats not bad going for a bike pump! the other three were worryingly about 24. They should be a lot more than that, I pumped them all up to 33psi, although one did seem to lose a bit of air, perhaps its because the car has been standing still for most of the last year- I’ve only filled it up once every four to six weeks!

We went off to get some shopping and then came home. I thought I saw something like an old tin can next to the pavement in the road…CRUNCH! It was the footpump he had left.. Next to the kerb! I hope the drivers side tyres will be oK!

Internet trolls

At the moment my Facebook page is being trolled by a couple of men who think all the news about Covid is fake, that vaccination is useless, and it’s all about money and power. According to them hospitals are only 85% full as opposed to 92% in 2019. The argument I have against that is that a lot of routine work has been cancelled or postponed because of the need for beds for covid. And those patients are sicker and in need of much more care than normal ones. Their argument is that people are not dying in droves and in any case the virus mutates too fast for the vaccine. (there is no proof that it won’t work against the variant). I am not a doctor. But I have friends and relatives who have been affected. I objected to the trolling because of this. They don’t like that. I have had enough of it. I won’t be responding to any more of their comments!

Two thousand October photos

Oh no! I decided to optimise my photos and save some space on my phone because it’s getting full and it would reduce each image by about ninety percent.

Great, plus they will take up less space here…

He problem now is that they are all out of order and the majority of them appear to have been taken on 9 October 2020!

Oh no! Trying to search for one particular photo is now a pain! At least before I could choose a month to go to…..

Might have to delete old photos…. But I like them…

Remains of the painting


High up on the wall in the bedroom are the supports that my summer dreams painting hung from. I need to re-string the painting with something stronger. I really need to dust away the cobwebs and take the string down. I hoovered up and forgot to attack it with the vacumm cleaner as I was looking at the floor. The vacuum is a bit heavy fir carting up the stairs and the cobwebs are a bit too high for me to reach. Anyway, better get on and try and find something to get at it with.


Noise pollution


Two tankers draining slurry from Portmeirion, the local pottery firm. This is the third day they’ve been doing it. The sound of diesel pumps and engines is so annoying. Have the TV on to drown it out. Usually on a sunny day I’d be in the garden. But the fumes from the lorries goes everywhere. I need to do stuff. The house vibrates when they do this. It might not be very audible in the video. But if we didn’t have double glazing it would be worse! I know they have to do it to keep the business going but this is too much today! I took videos of them from inside the house, with the door closed and the door open. On the one with the door open it was twice as loud. The diesel fumes are being blown away by the wind.

As I write this the pumps have just been switched off. The engines are still running…. No! It’s started up again, must have been changing tankers? The trouble is there is never any warning. They start about 9am and then go on all day. Yesterday and Monday it was just the morning. I want to scream. Would post video but takes up too much memory.

Stop talking!


He never stops


TV film?


Interesting news?


Mystery programme?


So what?

I never hear that important news

I never find out if the butler did it?

I never listen to the last notes of the symphony.


Because he’s talking.

Important stuff?

What car is in the TV programme.

Whether that’s a Highland cow.

Something in the paper I’d already seen on the news.

What he was doing in 1974!

Is this hell or just purgatory?!




Apply online, fill in this form

The website gave me orders.

Now send in your proofs

Don’t forget to show

Your evidence of identity.

Your form is wrong

They tell me when I ring.

Please re-do this bit?

I send again, and yet, and still

There is another problem.

We accept your evidence

But you need to make an application.

But I sent that in, in April,

I reply in great frustration.

Oh we duplicated your account

It’s covid fault

They come back with more words

We will merge the forms

It will be OK,

You will here from us in due course.

Now I ring again…

The phone numbers wrong?!

Why didn’t you tell me I said?

It may be on your other account…

I’ll get it done again.

I’ve had enough,

I’ve tried so hard.


So annoying!