Camp coffee

Memory…. I just commented on a friend post about my introduction to coffee.

I wrote: We used to have ‘camp coffee’, a coffee substitute made with chicory. It came in a tall square bottle with a Scottish bagpipe player on the front. The contents were a dark brown liquid. We had it with sterilised milk. It was horrible! Then we had ‘mellow birds’ coffee. It was bitter if you put enough in to give it some flavour!

I remember the way the coffee essence was brown and sticky. It used to run down the outside of the bottle, leave stains on the tablecloth. I didn’t drink coffee till I was in my teens, I used to drink tea or ‘pop’. Our pop was delivered in the evening by a van. I think it was Corona pop, we used to have big bottles of raspberry, orange, dandelion and burdock and sometimes strangely tasting American cream soda. All no doubt full of sugar.

Dad had his own delivery – of Davenports ‘beer at home’, I still remember the jingle ‘beer at home means Davenports, that’s the beer lots of cheer……’


Dunked biscuits taste better

It has been proven that biscuits taste more biscuity when they are dunked in your favourite hot beverage, tea, coffee, cocoa, (maybe not bovril or that kind of drink!) apparently it releases more biscuit aromas. I think it makes them easier to eat too!

Some biscuits like ginger nuts don’t soften as much as ones like rich tea biscuits. The worst thing that can happen is that the biscuit/ cookie falls apart and bits fall into your drink. You can either fish the bits out with a spoon or wait till you have finished drinking and then scoop it out. Have a go if you haven’t dunked before… Enjoy!


I just saw a photo of this painting and thought of simpler times. When people could meet in groups, no one wore face coverings, and there was less fear in the world.

The conversation flows, there is gentle banter, there are smiles and laughter. People drink and eat and share food, a mouthful or two of delicious fruit or a compote. Wine and beer, fruit juice and water. The voices murmur, no need to shout through a mask and at a distance. I hope we can go back to more carefree times, but we will have to see. Stay safe. X

My treat, Irish coffee

Coffee with sweetener, cream and whisky.

I don’t take sugar, which makes it harder to float the cream on top of this drink. The whisky is only a single measure of a blended scotch. The coffee is a decaffeinated instant coffee. If I had some in I would eat a sweet mince pie with it. It makes me feel like Christmas is on the way. I remember when I was first allowed one of these on a family trip to an Indian restaurant.

I sometimes have it without alcohol, it’s not always what I want to drink, but this is a treat. I think as the weather has got colder I’ve started to have more comfort food. I must watch my weight.


Biscuit and coffee, biscuit and tea. Biscuit with cheese. So many accompaniments. It’s good to enjoy them with something. To dunk or not? I like dunking. Dunking and drinking. Bits of biscuit get too soft and drop off in lumps into your drink.

Biscuits go with desserts as well. You can soak them in alcohol and use them in the bases of cheesecake smashed up with butter to make a hard layer for the topping. Tasty.


A proper cup of Tea.

Quick watercolour sketch of my brown Bessie tea pot and a mug of Tea. It started out as a graphite pencil sketch but you couldn’t really see it against the black paper so…. I filled in some of it, I made up some of it. I was going to leave some of it black but I used washes of dark blue and dark red to give it more oomph.

Art is fun, art let’s you free yourself, creativity can be good for you.