Chapel window

In Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent is a place called Bethesda Methodist Chapel. It has been being restored over several years now. I have visited to sing there in performances with our choir. The building has gone from a crumbling shell to a much more robust structure. It is currently still being restored. One thing I have noticed are the spectacular stained glass windows. Methodist chapels are usually plain and simple. The wooden pews are unadorned. But the glass windows make me smile. It’s just beautiful art.

Glass Robin and orchid flowers

Wonderful to see new flowers on one of my orchid plants. They are behind this glass Robin. I didn’t want to try and move it out of the way incase I knocked one of the flowers off. They are a bit brown on the edges, I think the orchid had dried out a bit so I need to get a mist spray for them. My other orchid plants are green but not flowering. I think they need new growing medium and to let their ariel roots get some freedom.

Glass necklaces

I’ve just dropped off my glass necklaces at Etruria Industrial Museum. I hope that people will be impressed with them and I might make a few sales. The museum is about steam and fire, so there is a bit of a link between it and fued glass? I find art and jewellery making is a bit hit and miss. Just because I like it doesn’t mean anyone else will! And no one has much spending money anymore. So even if the would like something they aren’t necessarily going to buy it. Ah well, self belief is important when you’re an artist. X

Glass paperweights

I have these on a windowledge (not in the sun) upstairs. I started collecting paperweights about forty years ago when I was given the red one on the left of the photo as a Christmas present. I’ve bought one or more every couple of years as treats, not very frequently but regularly. These are some of them but I probably have four times this many (or more). I do like looking at them. They cheer me up!

Stained glass view

A few weeks ago we visited Rode Hall and the church across the road from it. I was running out of battery power so only took this photo. I just decided to look at it again because I like the colours in the glass. Blues, reds and whites highlight the figures and the textiles and architecture. The detail of the pattern at the top and base of the window panes help link each panel together. Just cutting the glass pieces out must have been so difficult and time consuming. Using lead to hold the glass in place. How do artists manage to do this? I’m full of admiration.

Odd Rode, Church window

One of the stained glass church windows at Odd Rode, it’s opposite the exit from Rode Hall. We came out of the Hall Gardens because the queue for the tea room was too long. The church was open for refreshments. We popped in and were made very welcome. The church was designed by Gilbert Scott. The same architect designed St Thomas Church in Penkhull. Sorry I forgot to make a note of the name of this church. We called in for scones and coffee. Very nice and friendly.