Milk on the pavement?

My arrangement with the milkman is to put the milk in the basket over our gate. It means it is safe and doesn’t disappear ( sometimes one bottle gets taken, other times more). But for the last week it’s been left on the pavement (it’s delivered every other day), so I’ve been trying to get up early to bring it in. Today I was late (eight am). There it was, not on our step, but a foot away on the pavement. I’ve left a note, asking them to put it over the gate, which was ignored. I think I need to email the dairy, but I’ve lost my password. Maybe our regular milkman is on holiday? We will see. I like having it delivered in glass bottles because they are reused and recycled and are not plastic!

Bottle experiment

When the milk bottles on my kitchen counter started to multiply I asked hubby to put them out for the milkman. He didn’t, so I asked again tonight (our house is directly on the street so if we put them out on a non delivery night they get knocked or kicked over). This time he did it, but not before I took this photo from above and processed it through the photodirector app on my phone. I think it makes an interesting picture. Daily chores can be fun!

Use transparent PET!

PET is the type of plastic that is used for plastic bottles! The clear, transparent stuff can be broken down and used again. The trouble is when plastic is coloured, it can’t be recycled. It adds more to the massive waste of plastic that is causing pollution in the world. So…. Don’t buy white or coloured plastic drink bottles! If you have to buy them, buy transparent only. X

Is that a fish?

A photo of a glass ornament of a cat with a gold fish modeled inside it. I grow lots of plants on our windowledges and also collect bottles so it’s a bit messy I know. The plant is a fern and now it’s getting cooler it’s dropped some of its leaves. I need to clean it up but it’s really huge and I don’t want to damage it. I also like the textures on the clear glass and blue glass bottles. I might paint a still life of it. I like the way the light is illuminating all the glass and the way the cats head is acting like a lens.



Stoke-on-Trent urban sketchers challenge today. The prompt was bottles so I went and drew the ones I have on the windowsill in my bathroom. My favourite is dark blue. Then there is a ‘poison’ bottle of perfume a glass cat with a glass goldfish trapped in it. A square small gin bottle and an old chemistry bottle with a cork… I do like collecting stuff…

I used brush pens and permanent colour pens and a fine liner. On cartridge paper in my sketchbook…

Just enjoying the challenge of drawing the fern that has spread everywhere in the bathroom.




I wanted some objects to add to my new bathroom which had been painted in a lovely sky blue. The green and gold bowl is glass made at the nearby Portmerion factory in Stoke. the cats head was from a friend, I dont know its origin. I placed it above the bowl to look like it was lapping. The blue bottles are an old medicine bottle and an old gin bottle. The yellow glass bowl came from a place called Amerton farm, the small pinky bottle with a stopper was from a jumble sale. Finally the brown and turquoise bowl was a raffle prize. The fern is one I grew before we had the bathroom done, it had to come back in. I do like the combinations of colour.