Latest USK drawing


Did a sketch of two new plants in the kitchen, my hubby bought them today. Are they essential? No, but gardening helps his mental health, so to him they are.

Is it DIY? That was the challenge, well I guess it’s the closest thing to DIY that’s happening here.

The green splatter of ink was put on first to give a bit of interest and help filling in the area of greenery.

Not sure if I got the perspective right. The plants are about the right scale.

What are they? A Kumquat and a Plum tree. I’m not sure if the Kumquat is edible. Does anyone know? I think it’s just decorative.

Urban Sketchers Stoke-on-Trent is a group of local people interested in drawing and sketching. The drawings should be a general view, so if you draw something you need to include it’s surroundings. Sketches are from life, not photos, and we try and be accurate as much as we can.

The challenge is based on the one urban sketchers in London is running. It runs for thirty days, and lots of people are getting involved.


Today’s drawing


Today’s urban sketchers Stoke-on-Trent challenge was to draw the book you are reading. This is one my husband gave me it to read. Wireless for beginners by Thomas Roddam. It’s strange but I like trying to understand technical books. I read just about anything, although these days I skim read and you need to take your time over things like this. Obviously I’m never going to make vaccum tubes…

I’m enjoying the challenge. Some of it’s difficult, you think ‘what can I do?’ , but you can put your own spin on it.





Urban Sketchers Stoke-on-Trent is doing a thirty day challenge. Today is day three and the challenge is ‘household chore’ this is my sweeping brush as my hoover is bust.

Pencil in a Daler Rowney ‘simply’ sketchbook.

In other thoughts I’m trying to think of things to do. So far I’ve got as far as spending half the day looking at social media. I think a lot of people will be suffering from vitamin D deficiency and will look like they have recently been in prison!

Anyway, back to my chores…

Urban Sketchers, draw a selfie…


Selfie’ portrait, including phone and the canvas of a kingfisher it’s propped up on. Old brushes and easle. Background on the phone is a painting I did in about 1982,of my imagined self, so a selfie of a self portrait? Happy to join the challenge. Why is the photo a mirror image to what was on the screen I was drawing?


Oh my double chins! How difficult it is to draw while trying to look over your glasses because I can’t see clearly. I need varifocals, but after spending loads on a pair a few years ago I hated them so much I never wore them again!

Sketching with urban sketchers means including the background and having the image in context. Why not do your own selfie?


Urban sketchers yesterday

The cat? He got in front of my sketch pad as I tried to take the photos of my drawings from yesterday. They are a large tree and workshop, a gate with a seated artist hidden behind it, and a stone figure half hidden in the bushes. These might make the basis for some new paintings as I work towards creating art for a new exhibition. I took a few photos too so I can use them to work out the colours.




You may or may not have heard of Inktober also known as #inktober or #inktober2018 its something that comes up at this time of year where artisrs are encouraged to draw something in ink for each day of the month. The drawings are shared on instagram under these two hashtags. Oh and I forgot each day has a theme I think. There was a list last year but I haven’t seen it yet.

At the same time the urban sketchers I am a member if have set a 1 inch drawing challenge for the month. Each of us is trying to do a drawing in a 1 inch square for the month of October, so I’m trying to amalgamate the two and kill two birds with one stone as the old saying goes.

Whether I will fulfill the challenge depends on how busy I get, whether I remember to draw and if I remember to post. I think I might report back here once a week. If course I could draw everything and just post one drawing a day, but I like the spontaneity of the idea , so I will try and draw in the moment.