Usk challenge ‘what’s good for you’


Drawn outdoors, we met with an old friend today, properly socially distanced. I was wearing a mask and gloves, and with my glasses on I feel reasonably safe. I ended up drawing my friend and when he went off for a walk I drew the landscape. There were some big trunked willow trees with wrinkly bark in the background, there tiny leaves contrasting with their aged, thick branches and trunks. It has been an overcast day so the colours were not brilliant. After this I took some photos of some interesting views of the area and some of the weedy plants growing along the track. I might post pictures later. When I got home I saw the USK challenge was to draw what’s good for you, and this was it!




Texture and pattern. Today’s Urban sketchers challenge was drawing a souvenir so I drew a Thai woman and baby doll that my friend gave me. As I’m doing textures and symbols on my illustration course I decided to try out different marks to show the knitting on the cushion underneath the doll.

I have been doing a lot of pen and ink drawings lately, not using pencil or charcoal much. Maybe I should try some other techniques?


Front door / cell door?



Day 27

Usk Stoke-on-Trent challenge.

Friday 15th May 2020.

The choice of this door was basically because its our barrier to the world. It keeps out people, and keeps us in.

Only when the scientists say its safe to do so will I venture out without a mask.

So my Urban sketches stay indoors or inside the garden. This challenge has given me something to do each day. Keeping me calm, and mostly not winding me up!

Today’s drawing


Today’s urban sketchers Stoke-on-Trent challenge was to draw the book you are reading. This is one my husband gave me it to read. Wireless for beginners by Thomas Roddam. It’s strange but I like trying to understand technical books. I read just about anything, although these days I skim read and you need to take your time over things like this. Obviously I’m never going to make vaccum tubes…

I’m enjoying the challenge. Some of it’s difficult, you think ‘what can I do?’ , but you can put your own spin on it.