Green stars abstract. Using a photo of an illuminated star. Duplicating it then changing the textures. The resulting image is a colourful abstract with an antique feel to it.

Pattern again, I like repeating images and tessellations. Must be the way my mind works… I like to learn and play with things till they look good. X

Panto hat

This large papier mache hat was made for out pantomime a few years ago, it was about a meter wide. Painted to look like an old Spode pottery design. With roman or grecian patterns round the cup. I wish we could be certain that the pantomime we are rehearsing at the moment. This is a photo I found on my phone because I’m trying to clear off some of them to make more space, but I’m keeping this one.


Oh for autumn

Gone away

Not to be seen

For another day

Plants die back

Leaves fall down

Winter comes

And freezes the ground

Warmth has seeped

Away from here

Brilliant sun

No longer near

Frosts and fogs

Are here this year

To chill your bones

Cold winds you hear.

So come back autumn

Come back spring

One more summer

To make me sing.

1950’s style?

A pattern I drew (top) and the same digitally textured with photodirector (bottom). I’m not sure what pattern I would call it, but it looks a bit like boats with sails and a setting sun. I could try and colour the lower curves blue, the ‘sails’ red and the sun (blob) yellow, or try different colourways. Maybe swap the red and yellow over? Whatever the colour I just like the play with pattern.


Material, easle, sketchbook, collages together to make a pattern. Then I’ve used an app to multiply and twist it. The funny thing is I see figures in the dark patches. Like they are standing inside a dark cavernous structure. Because I started with a photo of overlapping things it gives the resulting pattern a three dimensional look. Almost like architecture.