Older paintings

Every so often my Facebook page comes up with memories of older paintings. I think all of these were done in 2016. They were on display in Cinders Hub in Newcastle-under-Lyme and two of them sold. I still have the painting of the koi carp. I realise now that although I paint a wide range of images I do like repeating certain themes.

I love colour as you can see, and I also love pattern.


I’ve duplicated this image multiplying it by four to extend the pattern. It’s another older painting. I think I was channelling Georgia O’keefe when I painted it. It is acrylic on canvas. FB_IMG_1568676663736

I was given a book about her art as a birthday present. Sadly the book was damaged when I spilt a mug of coffee over it. It’s only a small, square paperback and now some of the images are stuck together.

O’keefe was controversial as an artist. Some of her art was seen as erotic even though she was painting flowers. I am more interested in her use of colour and blending techniques. Her work is beautiful and striking.

My painting of lilies is also slightly based on images from the start if the twentieth century. I do like art nouveau. I was also trying to use fresh colours rather than a more realistic background.

Spode patterns

I’m working towards the exhibition at Spode and I’ve been experimenting with the photos I took a few days ago. Using the Layout app on my phone.

The thing is, I know I can’t reproduce these as paintings, so it’s good to use photographs to experiment with the images I took. There was a film by Andrei Tarkovsky I saw years ago. I think it was called Stalker, the industrial archeology of Spode reminds me of that. Almost post apocalyptic….