Dragon stone

I painted a stone with a dragon design, then I edited it in photodirector. The paint is in little bottles with a nozzle and you use it to add dots and lines onto a surface. I’m a bit unsteady with my hand and arm so it’s more wobbly than I would like. Once it’s dry I might take another photo. As the colours dry they seem to shrink because they seem to have glue in the paints. Especially the ones with added glitter.


Draw a repeating pattern (top left) of blue flowers (four petals joined into squares).

Add colours, use an app to mirror the pattern, use another one to distort the pattern of lines, or change hues. Erase some of the changes to get a variation in the pattern.

That’s what I do, start with something basic but slightly complex then change it either by hand or digitally. I’m hoping to use some of these patterns for my Final Major project at college.

I still love this meme

1 in 5 teenagers experiment with art….I don’t know who created it, but I love it!

I shared this meme three years ago on Facebook because it spoke to me. Art is so important to the world. You need art to design things, to have an idea of what clothes, cars, white goods, trains, homes, workplaces will look like. Cutting funding for the arts hits theatre, performing arts, music, computer aided design, surface pattern, and so many other services that bring income into countries. It’s not just painting and sculpture, printmaking and textiles, ceramics and surface pattern. Artists and designers help support the world. Next time you use a plate to eat off, cutlery to eat with, use a table to sit at, wear clothes that fit you and are not grey tubes of rough cloth, then remember art helps to design out world.

Feeling owlish

Finger drawn owl

Using the digital drawing app on my phone I just did this. There is no chance of it being celtic as its a finger drawing and my arm shakes too much to draw straight or neatly curved lines.

Still it was fun to use the mirrored curves tool (what is it called?) to create this. I liked adding a bit of p