Spode patterns

I’m working towards the exhibition at Spode and I’ve been experimenting with the photos I took a few days ago. Using the Layout app on my phone.

The thing is, I know I can’t reproduce these as paintings, so it’s good to use photographs to experiment with the images I took. There was a film by Andrei Tarkovsky I saw years ago. I think it was called Stalker, the industrial archeology of Spode reminds me of that. Almost post apocalyptic….



The hanging baskets were fine last week but when we came home two of them were upside down on the ground. The screw they had been hung on had given way under their weight and with heavy rain they had collapsed down onto the ground. Now they are hanging forlornly lower down the fence. They might grow and recover. I’m feeding them and watering them. Anyway the photos are of the growth of the other ones. Some are doing better than others. I really need to dead head them (take off dead flowers). It will have to wait till I feel better.

Here’s some patterns I did from them…


Draw some lines in black and brown, erase some lines and then duplicate the pattern you have created. What does it mean? Could they be power lines? A knitting patten, crochet? A surreal or abstract spiders web?

Whatever it is, is open to interpretation. If the pattern is moved one way or another you may see an animal or a design for a electricity pylon. The mind tries to interpret what it sees, but sometimes there is not enough information to discern what is happening or how it affects us. As complex as this is its very simple compared to a real person.