Playing with pattern

While we were at the minton tile exhibition I decided to draw a ” knot celtic” pattern.

It’s not very good but I tried to duplicate it in layout. It’s come out quite jazzy. It reminds me of 1970s wallpaper!

I like the idea of slightly tangled art. I don’t know how to do zentangle. I love looking at it but woukd be hopeless actually trying to draw it.

Anyway happy patterning x

What do I do with you?


What should I do with thus painting called Druid. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I feel like it needs more shaping and shading. Maybe more detail on the leaves. I’ve stared at it for days now, but I’ve been busy and then ill so I haven’t worked on it.

I think I may change the colours a bit too. Maybe stronger greens or purples. I had tried a pale, frosty look, but it’s not right. Watch this space, I hope I can get it how I want it.


When I have had a long day I enjoy doing something creative. These were done with a couple of apps, sketcher free and picsart.  I don’t know why I like swirls and spirals so much.

Anyway here are three iterations. The first was the most complex to create, the second and third led to the first. I started with bright colours and then reduced them by using the curves option, changing each colour to a more muted one and eventually grey.

I think I will just finish here. Today was very busy.


One line drawings.


When I used to draw at I would do one line drawings. Basically you kept your cursor moving on the drawing area and didn’t lift it until you finished… Thats what I’ve done here … But then duplicated it and flood filled it. Sometimes it’s nice to lose black lines.


I’m having a makeover on social media. I’m now @mallabandbrown on twitter… I will be using it more to post about paintings and other exploratory art that I’m planning over the next few months .

Photos of objects

This is the front and back of a new frying pan. I took a photo of it because of the patterns and reflections.

I always look at things and try to see them in a different way. Usually a new item is shinier or undamaged so you see a clearer pattern. On the other hand old peeling paint or burnt wood or old rubber gloves can be interesting. It can depend on the closeness of the object and the lighting


Basically go out and look!




Colours, shapes and texture make up this pattern. Using digital apps can create images that would not be easy to create on paper or canvas.img_20190117_002155

Once you have done that you could use another app to duplicate and twist the images. I love patterns and continue to create images like this.

It’s really not hard to do and it would be good to see more art being created in this way. Be brave! Have a go! You might surprise yourself.