Part of my study is to come up with patterns or shapes to indicate individual letters. You are supposed to use shapes you sketch with or others that fit into a usable vocabulary of marks. I shade a lot but also use dots and dashes. I have added straight lines and spirals. Some squiggles. I wonder if I should have added curves or ellipses. It’s hard to decide what shapes to use. I wanted things to be quite organic, and I’ve used various pens to see how each would look.

I may have completely got the wrong end of the stick, but I’m hoping this is what they want. Perhaps I should have made it neater. Not sure.




As part of my coursework I need to come up with a different mark for each letter of the alphabet. The first decision is to choose what tool to use to make these marks. I have used a 0.8 tip unipin ink pen. But I could have chosen charcoal, or a brush, or some other form of mark making. Then I could choose colours as well as shapes. I am not sure if I have chosen the right sort of format. The next step will be to draw something using shapes for a few letters only. Say five or six of them. Maybe my shapes are too small? It’s all like a big puzzle.



Urban sketchers Stoke-on-Trent challenge day 34. Texture. My hubby sitting on his armchair on a black throw and leaning on a multi coloured knitted cushion cover.  The floor is covered with a blue textured and patterned rug.

I also tried to accentuate my hubbies smooth skin.

I used Faber Castell, goldfaber aqua pencils and Grafix coloured pencils. The Faber Castell ones are bendable with water. Only four mour days to go.


Turned the whirlpool into a seashell.


I tried to change the whirlpool into a seashell… Then I added gold glitter kiss paint. It looks like sand. I put it through the photo director app , there is a way of creating bits flying off the picture. In the animation it looks like the seashell is under water, the bits coming off look like they are floating. Totally random  result. I wish I could share it here, but it’s on my Instagram account. X



Another abstract. Just silver glitter glue swirled around, then permanent markers using blues, greens and purple to create a spiralling pattern. Why? I don’t know. Spirals have always appealed to me. Spiral galaxies, spirals in ammonites, spiral cloud formations, spirals in the seed heads of sun flowers.

Of all the shapes I see in the world, these are my favourites.

I put this through photodirector and the subsequent animated clip is on my Instagram account.





My little sewing kit. Today’s usk Stoke-on-Trent challenge was to draw something to do with haberdashery.

As I don’t make clothes, have any clothes patterns, or any fabric, I’m afraid this had to do. The material below the kit is a knitted cushion, a cat blanket, and a teatowel.

Without the kit I wouldn’t have had any subject matter to draw. I don’t know who will try and add to the challenge today. Now I’m off out in the sunshine to plant up some begonias.

Abstract doodling


Fold some paper in half, splodge some purple ink on one side and press the two sides together. You get a pattern. I’m also using a spray of green ink on one of them. The results are above. I don’t know whether I like them, but it was fun doing them.

The first is called abstract catterfly and the second abstract splodge, (well it is!).

Used Nibb permanent markers, a spectrum noir ink brush, cosmic shimmer mist, mica shimmer and a cosmic shimmer glitter kiss sponge pad. Drawn on an A5, heavy weight, Windsor and Newton sketch pad.





I drew this at sketchfu probably about ten years ago. I’d drawn the orange and green pattern first, and then added the gecko afterwards. I love the idea of camouflage. I can’t remember if I made the lizard up or if I used an image of one from somewhere. If I did I would have modified the colours.

One problem with sketchfu was the way the colour laid down on the screen. Different drawing apps work differently. With sketchfu what happened was that if you did not have the pens on full opacity you got a slightly fuzzy effect. Imagine if you had an old felt pen. The colour is fading and the nib is a bit frayed. That’s what the effect of the pens on the digital app was like.

I hope you like my dinky little gecko.


Another drawing


Today’s #uskstoke challenge, day 13, Friday, back gate / door. As I don’t have a back gate these  are  reflections and distortions in the window of my back door. I hope you can see my hands and the black sketchbook reflected in the frosted glass. (it it frosted or patterned?). Anyway it’s quite difficult to draw your hands while you are drawing. They tend to move about, so this is more of an impression.

Some of the colour is outside, some inside. I think the patch of red and orange above my hands might be my face? I know the sketchbook is too small, bit it was difficult to see where the book ended and my cardigan started….