Swirls drawn digitally. Artrage oils and photodirector. Draw swirls then play with editing options. You can do all sorts of things with digital apps. I feel like this is a little like a coral surface or a Mandala.

Pattern again, my thing, I suppose I will never get enough of it. Something happens in my brain and I have to do this. I’m addicted to art and patterns. I love convolutions.

Glass paperweights

A random collection of glass paperweights that I have bought over several years. I have several more. If I had the money I would have more of them. I love making fused glass pieces but I would not know how to make these. They might be blown into round shapes with metal foil trapped inside them. They are beautiful. They are only around three or four inches, but so intricate.

Mandlebrot set drawing

A digital drawing I did a few years ago. It’s based on the Mandlebrot Set which is a fractal pattern that was found when mathematicians worked on chaos theory. It is an infinite pattern that you can zoom into and the patterns flow and twist but the basic shape that I drew keeps coming back. Obviously this is just a drawing but it was an interesting challenge.

Fern leaves

I can’t remember how I got this image, I know it’s based on a photo of fern leaves and I must have used layout to mirror the patterns. But how I added the various colours and added the tiles? I can’t remember. And just how did I get the embossed effect…. It must have been an app I no longer have on my phone. A puzzle, which is what the image looks like.

Autumn acers

I usually look out from underneath trees, but here I looked up and took a photo of twisting branches and limbs. Then I tried to paint the leaves. Dark towards the trunks, lighter where they reach out into airy space. Leaves are amazing. Because they can move towards the light (phototropic) they can move into the gaps where the light gets through. Like a jigsaw puzzle, filling in the spaces. Then suddenly in autumn deciduous trees drop their leaves as the cold and wind catches them out. Great blankets of leaves are now lying below the local trees. Crunching through their crispness is one of my favourite things before they turn soggy in the cold rain. Glorious!

Pattern time. Jazz

Felt pens can make interesting patterns, and this was one I created which I called jazzy.

It’s hard to know where the triangles and lines should go and which colours fit together. Stripes and chevrons. Highlighted lines to try and add depth. Abstract art isn’t just splodges, I think it has to have some thought, at least that’s my opinion.

I should have been doing some art today, but I’m not well so I thought I would share this.

Simple scales

Pattern making again. Using greens ink spray that has a sheen to it. Then I drew scale patterns over the top. Finally I wanted three simple elements to add to each scale or tile that would give it an art deco? feel. So I added a wave shape, a dark patch and some vertical lines. With these patterns I think the scales started to look a little like birds.


A digital drawing, but done on an app I don’t use anymore. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was changed radically by the people that ran it and it became much less painterly and much more patterned filters. In the end I could not get on with it. I lost the enjoyment of it. When I manipulated images I could not create patterns like this anymore. Eventually I gave up and deleted the app about three or four years ago.