Little bird drawing

Two versions, one digital drawings. When you have done something don’t be afraid to play with filters. It may or may not pay off, but you don’t know if you don’t try.

I need to get my paints out and do some real painting instead of doodling here. It’s OK, but a screen isn’t ideal for artwork. It gives me pleasure to do things, keeps my hand in, but it’s not much more than finger painting? Although looking at David Hockneys digital work it can be so much more. Just keep learning and practicing…

Artrage face

Abstract face finger painted with the Artrage app on my phone. I like the way the different brushes and changing the roughness of the surface and grain size gives it a real textured surface. I added lines on the eyes and mouth rising a roller tool that left a line if you dabbed your finger on the surface of the phone. I also added spirals on the edges of the picture, I was trying to make it look like material. If you turn the pen up to 100% metallic the colours get darker.


I asked about ideas and my friend sent me this photo of an abstracted idea of Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire. It features stone block walls, terracotta tiles, blue sea and sky and a few seagulls. It’s only about 4 inches square on a little canvas. I used bright colours and strong lines to make it more graphic. There are strong outlines so it could almost be a jigsaw. It’s hard to find a balance between abstraction and realism. I stylised the smoke and the sparkles on the sea. The windows seem to float above the surface of the stone, and I’ve used white highlights to hold it together. I think it was a success.

Dragon sketch…

A dragon drawing, I found a spiky line on the sketching app that really made this look interesting. I did my final major project at college on Dragons last year. So when I find a new way to represent them I like to experiment.

This is done in two apps, the initial line work was done on Sketcher app and then I exported it and opened it up in Artrage because the tools there are more flexible for colouring in and it also has metallic and Glitter options. I like it.

Easter flowers

Flowers with chocolate eggs…

Can’t stop playing with my phone apps. I don’t know where I get all my ideas from. I hope you enjoy them. I like using multiple apps to get different results. Then you can use various filters. I really like the freedom of finger or stylus painting. I have only ever “built” an image with CAD when I did a course in computer aided design several years ago. Yes I could build boxes into a house, or circles and elipses into a face, but it’s not the same as the freedom of drawing. Yes I’ve used flower templates here, but I had to change and add to it. I get bored otherwise!


What a strange thing light is. It gets into corners, shines brightly and illuminates. You can see it at a distance even if it’s millions or billions of miles away. It might be made up of packets of energy (photons) or waves. It has different wavelengths for different colours and is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It moves at the speed of light in a vacuum. But slower in an atmosphere or travelling through another medium like water or glass. It can be refracted (bent) depending on the wavelength which is why Sir Issac Newton found it was made up of a spectrum of rainbow colours when he passed a beam of daylight through a prism in a darkened room.

Apart from the scientific details which I only have a sketchy knowledge of, there are lots of phrases that are used in English :

Shed a light on it, light of my life, light at the end of the tunnel, thunder and lightning, the light fantastic, by the light of the stars.

Light is a fascinating subject.

Doodling digitally

When you get new apps you have to learn how to use them. There are similarities and differences. You try one app and then transport an image into another app and try and alter it by using different filters and pens and markers. Each of these started with the bottom left sketch and then I took a screenshot of it ( I had to find out how on this new phone), then added more on top. It’s not going to be my favourite method of altering images, but I’m learning. I have found recently that drawing tools seem to be limited. Instead you get backgrounds and filters to alter faces and landscapes but using photoshop like tools, not paintbrushes or pens. I know I can do more if I had the tools. Perhaps I will find something more satisfying soon.


Spectrum on a silver/purple cushion and a pink blanket. Digitally manipulated to add symmetry and then twist and move the plain of the picture. I’d like to draw over this to try and create a butterfly shape, but I need to learn a bit more about the new app I am using. I love the rainbow colours cast by a glass crystal in a mobile I have hanging in my window. The different cloths moderate the colours and one is more sparkly than the other in the original photo. (Not shown here).