Don’t know what these berries are on but they are beautiful, they were along a track downhill from the canal. There were also pieces of old wood that had bracket fungus growing on them. Autumn is a lovely time of year when strong colours can ping out. Looking at the tangle of branches on the left hand side I might play with it and duplicate the pattern.

Digital life drawing

I took my tablet to a life drawing class a couple of years ago. I wanted to see what a digital drawing would look like. I chose to use a program called sketcher free that gives you different texture tools, like fur long fur, ribbon, chrome, and other pens. You can chose the background colour. You can also use a colour slider and picker and a change in pen sizes. It’s a bit complicated to choose a pen shape that translates to the drawing well. There are other programs that are simpler to use but I liked (as usual) the patterned effect I created.

Cat plus cat

Look on any shelf in my house and you will find either a cat ornament or a cat picture or painting. Here is a little cat ring holder, sent from a friend in America, and a birthday card someone sent me. I liked it so much I framed it. Sorry I don’t know the artists name. The little toy car is a spectrum persuit vehicle? From the captain scarlet and the mysterons TV series of the 1960s. The background is my bookcase with a few novels. I liked the colour combinations. I enjoy taking photos of everyday objects…

Trying to draw part of a painting with felt pens…

I struggled with this. I tried to draw a square for our Orme art group collaboration of part of a Pierre Bonnard painting. I thought it looked OK but when I see the pictures side by side? Hmm. I was drawing with marker pens and felt pens, some of which would smudge, others are permanent. Clearly I haven’t been able to blend things that well and also my drawing is not as delicate. But you can’t draw paint brush marks with a felt pen. They say a bad workman blames his tools.. I don’t know…

Backyard today

I’m still waiting, on the 3rd November, for my hanging baskets to get knocked off by the frost. October was the fifth wettest since the 19th century. And it was wet, and windy. A couple of ex hurricanes blew over us, the sky stayed battleship grey for a lot of the month. The wind makes our windows whistle and moan in the kitchen if its from the South West, and the noise moves to the front of the house if the wind shifts to the North East. That’s why the plants do well round the back, they are in a little sheltered micro climate. So I’m waiting to see what happens tomorrow… And not just in the garden!


Today’s sketch for #bandofsketchers, the theme is red. Not many trees in this country turn bright red in autumn. I think that’s because we don’t get cold enough weather to force the chlorophyll out of the leaves to turn them to brighter colours (is the red xanthophyll?) long time since I did O level biology!

Anyway these were on the road outside so I did a quick sketch and then filled it in. I’m afraid I cheated as it was so wet and windy so I did use a reference photo to try and get the right colours. Another sketch with permanent markers.


Blackberries, before they are ripe, before the sun ripened them. Turning them juicy and sweet. I thought this image that I’d duplicated and mirrored made them look almost like insect eyes.

There are patterns that seem to replicate each other in the world and the universe. By playing with images you can get some startling effects.


After the rain, the rainbow. The base of it was really bright. The rain came down so hard and fast, a river of water came down the hill. The forecast is for possible thunderstorms tomorrow following the arrival of ex hurricane Epsilon in the North Atlantic. There have already been strong winds and the leaves have been flying off the trees. Autumn has arrived with a bang!