I like the freedom of playing with pattern and colour. This is my way of chilling, relaxing, meditating. Using a kaleidoscope style of drawing app on my phone. I cannot remember how I did this, it’s a few weeks or months ago since I drew it. Maybe I need to use things like this on teeshirts? Or on bags, but I’m good at prevarication, I need to give myself a kick I think…


Nasturtiums sprawling in the back yard. They are in our front hedge too. There are flowers six foot up in the air. You can tell its nasturtiums because of the shape of their leaves, sort of like umbrellas. The leaves, as you can see, are sometimes variegated. The colours vary from pale cream to deep red. I’ve never seen a blue or purple one? Maybe they will do some genetic modification to change that? At the end of summer they are something cheerful to look at.

Doodled Halloween costume.

I decided to doodle a mask for Halloween 🦇, but it ended up being more of an extravaganza! Sharp and spikey with googly eyes…. The face has half a mask, half face, but with green lipstick and yellow contact lenses… I’ve never worn anything like this. It might be a laugh to make it up, but I haven’t got a clue how to create it!


When the ink bleeds through the back of a sketch you can draw contours around the splodges of ink. I think the negative space it creates is quite interesting. You can vaguely tell its a still life (with Christmas cactus and flowers in a fish shaped glass bottle. The original felt pen drawing (sharpies) is about three years old.

Shall I paint another?

I painted this a few years ago, it’s based on a poppy with a white centre. Most poppies have dark splodges in the centre. I think this looks more subtle. I’m toying with the idea of painting a mixture of both on a larger canvas? The background would be greens and straw coloured. Got to possibly block out or draw out their positions and then maybe add some forget-me-nots.

Get my brushes out

I feel guilty that I haven’t painted. I think I need to get my brushes out. Painting is my reason for being. It’s not negotiable, I have to paint, or at least draw. It will happen, I’m just not sure when. As the days get darker I always find it more difficult, especially painting under artificial light. By the way, I must have a hundred brushes around the house, I think they multiply when I’m not looking!

I was looking for an image to use for this post and found this. Where the light through prisms in the mobile in my window was casting rainbows on these brushes. I hope I don’t get artists block, sometimes I just can’t paint…

Watching Sci-fi

I’m watching one of the Star wars movies so I thought I’d create a digital image that reflects the power of the film sets. Full of massive architectural shapes and dark power. This though is a plastic star we have hanging in the living room. I’ve duplicated and twisted it, then added texture and overlays of a lightning storm. Figuring out how to produce an interesting image takes my mind off things.