My purse on my chair which I’m using as an easle. Paintings to the side and behind, pallette underneath it. Digitally manipulated. I just thought it looked interesting. The cat really has a strong stare. The way it’s crumpled makes it looks like it’s frowning. I don’t know whether anyone would actually like something like this?

My messy chair

Instead of an easle I prop a stand up in a chair. But sometimes it becomes a bit of a dumping ground. Empty mug, started to colour a canvas, pallette, brushes and tissues and a mug for water. Sketchbook with a zebra Dragon idea. I need to start painting but I have no get up and go. Tidy up and start, or worry and prevaricate. I don’t know. I need to do something soon. Maybe it’s these dark days that are getting to me? I need my mojo back….

Found old paints

Found these paints in the back of a drawer. About thirty years old!

They are Rowney Oils and Windsor and Newton Watercolours and a box of various paints, chalks, and coloured pencil. Goodness knows why they got put away. I haven’t checked the oils, they may have dried out, but the watercolours and chalks and pencils should be fine. I think I could call this a win!

Pallette peel


Acrylic paint peeled out of the tub I use to mix my paint. This is the underside. Yes I do like using bright colours. Also metallic shades. There is something about shiny paint that enthralls me..

IMG_20191108_184612and you can make interesting bright patterns that could be used on things like phone and tablet covers. All it takes is rotating the images and joining them together. Bright and breezy x.