Industrial wasteland


The sun was setting as I looked over the fluted columns of the old building. The roof beyond was burnt out and partially collapsed into the internal rib like roof beams. Tiles had spilt like brown and orange blood onto the concrete ground below. Baby buddlea bushes had started to grow high up in the cracks. Where industry had stood a hundred or less years ago, now desolation was growing and chaos had taken hold.

Walking past the blackened building I wondered what had caused the damage? Was it from a fire burning when a worker had left a machine to overheat. Or a fire caused by an electric fault? Perhaps some poor homeless person or a rowdy drunk had thrown aside a cigarette butt that had caused a conflagration. Had the fire brigade arrived late at night and fought flames until the dawn was casting a red glow across the smoking remains?

I will never know. But seeing the post industrial desolation, I wonder what this land, this brown, blighted place, will be used for in future. And will the ghosts of its workers approve ?

What is in my head?


There’s a lump of stuff like blancmange or jelly inside my head, your head, and anyone who has lived on the planet.

This soggy lump controls your life, your heart, your breathing, movement, and other functions.

It also helps control the world, either personally or by electing or following what other brains think. No telepathy exists, so we only know what a brain is thinking by communication on TV, with books, in newspapers, social media and miriad ways of talking.

My pink jelly brain is mostly water. It’s surrounded by layers of protection to stop it being damaged. The pia mater and dura mater are two of these layers. It’s split into a hind brain, the most primitive part, the mid brain and two halves split between the right and left hemispheres that make up the main part of the brain. It is supplied by a ring of arteries and veins and oxygen and fluid pass from these into the brain through the blood brain barrier. Veins take away waste products back to the heart and lungs and lymphatic system.

Your brain is a tangle of synapses and neurones, nerve cells that use electrical signals to make your body move, allow you to see, talk, feel, eat. Control subconscious activities, control your organs and muscles (although research has shown that the gastric system including the stomach has its own system of nerves equivalent to the brain capacity of a rabbit).

Brains are weird. The left side of your brain controls the right side of your head and body, and vice versa. By the time you notice something has happened, it’s too late to do anything so your brain has to be able to react or predict what is happening before you even realise it.

This pinkish yellowish lump has taken us under the sea or to the top of everest. It has allowed us to go to the Moon, send probes to Mars and the planets and explore the universe with immense telescopes. It has also let us build microscopes to see microbes and even Atoms. It has even given us the skills to build machines to see inside our own brains!

Pink blobs rule! Let us just hope that people start to use them to try and bring peace and sense to the world.




Waiting, it’s like watching paint dry.

The time goes on and the paint shrinks slightly, maybe wrinkles as the water evaporates.

I’m sitting with my phone waiting for a call, hoping that it will ring soon….

Still waiting, another hour gone.

Still waiting, the paint is half dried, now it’s tacky…

Oh what can I do while I’m waiting? I can’t go out, because I need to be here when it happens. I will ring the number….

Oh no! No answer! Are they on their way? Not answering because they are driving? Where are they coming from. Is there traffic? Are there traffic jams?

Waiting…. Time trickles through the hourglass faster and slower. The paint is almost dry. The fine grain of the brush strokes smoothing out.

A call! We are on our way, but, (there is always a ‘but’) there is a major accident….. On the motorway….. Grid lock….. Have to change our eta…. Etc….

The paint is cracking and peeling…. They never arrived. Now I’m waiting again for someone new 😕



Right, I’m not going into details. If you live in my country you will probably know what this is about. There is so much animosity on both sides that needs discussing but no one seems willing to stop and think.

I signed this, so people in the know will realise what side I am on. Democracy seems to be crumbling but the point is that we should have a choice.

Imagine if there is a death penalty. A man is accused and found guilty of murder. He sits in prison for three years and the sentence is due to be carried out next week….

Then more evidence comes to light. His best friend had told lies to make it seem the man was guilty. The police now know and the sentence could be quashed…?

Does the supreme court of the country

A: let the man out and take action against the true killer?

B: carry out the sentence because its already cost thousands and everyone thinks he’s guilty anyway?

The point is that referenda and elections should be based on facts. If it is found that the information was a lie it should either be rerun or revoked. Not doing so is not because people are sore losers but because something akin to a dictatorship is happening.

Democracy allows for new elections or referenda to change the government. A mistake has been made. We must rectify it and not cut off our noses to spite our faces.

Make me paint!

_20190310_022442 I need to paint. I’ve had a break, partly self enforced because I was busy and tired and lost my way in doing other things like blogging, plus it’s been winter and it’s too cold and dark. I was doing lots of things as hobbies too. But I’m nervous of spending too much of dwindling resources.  I’m scared of putting a toe back into the world of work. I want to be helping people as well as painting.

The cliff edge is looming and I want to take a step back. Writing here is allowing me to explore ideas and thoughts that I have never been able to do before. It’s all very gentle and kind and I’m afraid I’ve found a cosy space that allows my dreams, but perhaps I have to let go and try harder in the real world. I’m saying I’m an experimenting artist so I need to do that….. Give art a chance.


Two suns

IMG_20190225_002113imagine a world with two sun’s. Both about the same size as ours. You are on a planet orbiting both of them, luckily half way between the two so it never gets too close to either of them and far enough out so that it doesn’t get too overheated by twice our suns power.

Instead of winter the North and South poles of the planet get almost continuous sunlight. At the equator two shadows are cast at almost right angles to each other. There is no ice at the poles. In fact there seems to be almost permanent summer there. If the world has water perhaps plants continue to grow all year, like our tropics. The weather would be affected by heating from the suns and any magnetic fields may interact so I imagine a liquid iron core like ours would be an advantage.

I used to read old science fiction stories which imagined all sorts of life forms, crazy plants, strange animals based on different gravities. But I guess because of TV Sci fi we now think that all intelligent life will be bi-pedal with oddly shaped foreheads or ears….

There is an infinite universe out there but we are too parochial.

One of my favourite films is Galaxy Quest. It is a spoof sci-fi film based on the old TV cult classics. I wonder if we will ever move on from those ideas?