Birthday balloon

Helium is the second element in the periodic table, atomic number two. It was first discovered when they measured the spectrum of the Sun. It was found as a line in the spectrum that did not appear to be on Earth.

Balloons like this are filled with this dwindling resource, if I remember correctly it’s from a place in America. I think there is a world shortage.

Helium is the second lightest element, but unlike Hydrogen which is the lightest, it doesn’t react with anything. So Helium stays on its own, it escapes out of our atmosphere. Hydrogen on the other hand reacts with many elements and this results in H2O, water, as two hydrogen atoms link with one oxygen.

Coventry University had a whole series of videos on YouTube that was about the elements if I remember. It was very interesting and they discussed all the elements in the periodic table. It was presented by a professor with mad grey curly hair….

Why do things go wrong


Just when you think things are OK sometimes they go wrong.

Case in point, we have to get copies of documents sent in for something. I collected everything together but a couple of things are missing. We went to the shop and got a copy of the sales invoice. Then I checked a document and its not up to date, it was done on line but we were never sent the original documents. Much head scratching, swear words, contacting people. I hope I have sorted it out, but you never know.

I suppose the thing to realise is that lots of people are struggling too. It’s just life and beauracracy, we have to have bits of paper to prove things. But now they do things online… It’s not simple. You have to log in and remember passwords. Only I have a different one for everything! Splat, my mind is whirling.

Wanting the sea…

I need the seaside, it’s been a couple of months since we went and I really miss it. I want to see the big blue sky. The blue or grey waves. Stormy, misty or sunny. I don’t care.

I like being beside the sea like it says in the old song, I’m not really bothered about being on it. I don’t like the motion of the ocean.. Up and down, around and down. Waves, breaking over the boat.

Yes, I need to go on a trip along the coast, taking in the scenery. Looking at the boats, feeling the breeze.

My writings awful

I am struggling to write since I hurt my wrist. If I hold a pen I get sharp pains shooting down from my thumb. The pressure I have to press down with is also making it hurt.

I’ve tried getting in the doctors but can’t get an appointment. I will try again. I looked the symptoms up on the Internet (not a good idea), I have an idea what might be causing it, but self diagnosis is not a good thing. I might be minimising or catastrophising…. Life is strange and interesting and can be confusing.

Christmas adverts!

Buy this now! You know you want it! Eau de Parfum! Jewellery! Food! A new colour for a hair dryer, a new electric car, toys toys toys.

Everything the consumer wants. Chocolates, biscuits, turkey, wine, spirits with edible gold. Lots of lovely stuff… That most people in the world can’t afford. That they will never have.

Meanwhile at Cop26 deligates have not been able to agree on reducing carbon emissions. Rich countries are not helping poor countries with funding…

This world is selfish. The Christian idea of peace and loving one another doesn’t seem very evident. Will we ever care enough to think of others?

Talking, but not listening

So many of us throw our voices out into the ‘blogosphere’, saying things we hope others will hear. But dies anyone really listen? Like a TV or radio signal escaping into space, are out missives actually picked up by anyone? The sounds might bounce off local planets and jiggle their atmospheres a bit, but after that… Our voices are lost in the dark, out beyond Pluto and the Oort cloud. Or trapped in a thin layer of atmosphere closer to us, bouncing off a personal ‘heavyside’ layer, trapped and echoing until the waves of speech are frittered and frayed away.

WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, what are they for? Free speech or an echo chamber to stop us thinking? You decide. I am undecided.

More ‘scales’

More experiments for my dragon project. Converting one of the patterns to black and white gives me an idea of how it would look if I had not got full colour options. I can still create complexity and light and shade even in different greys. Duplicating and mirroring are used again to add intricate patterns. I shall save these for possible use.


Pattern made from four duplicated photos of autumn trees. When the leaves fall and disintegrate they get taken down into the soil by worms or are eaten by insects, or lie as a mulch on the soil surface helping keep it warm. Hedgehogs and other small mammals hide underneath them keeping warm and out of the cold wind.

I do wonder if the soil level would gradually build up as leaves fall year after year. Is this what biomass is? It’s funny what you think about trees….


The repetition of other people’s words or sounds is echolalia. When the toddler you babysit repeats everything you say, over and over again, you can call it “annoying,” or you can call it echolalia..

I looked this up because a friend would keep repeating what I said, what I said. I did not know why, know why…..

Apparently it’s something to do with psychiatric disorders or autism. I would not say my friend suffered from either of these. Perhaps it was a habit? I don’t know. It was incredibly annoying until I realised it was normal for my friend and learned to accept it.