Sleepy and cold

It was very cold last night so I left the central heating on low. The sky had cleared and I think it was down to – 6°C last night. I was reading in bed, propped up under my moon nightlight, but I was sleepy. Suddenly Thud! The book had fallen on the floor and I had woken with a crick in my neck. I was cold and achy. The moon was clear and bright up in the sky, shining in through the window. Apparently last night there was a 20°C difference between the the coldest place in the UK, about – 16°C and the highest 4°C, so we were about a middling temperature.

Then I thought about anybody in an unheated house, or who are stuck outside in a tent or on the streets. What about them? I was in an old bed, in an old house, but I am so much luckier than a lot of people. Why is there such inequality?

So what’s happening?

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

Don’t you hate it when you are watching a film or programme and someone comes in the room and asks what has been happening. You don’t want to have to reply but you know you are going to have to. It’s halfway through the programme and one person has died, another one is being blamed. A third is actually responsible. How to explain while trying to continue watching? Sometimes a grunt works. Other times a full explanation is required.

The worst thing is when it is you asking the question, and you know you are not going to get any sort of an answer that makes sense.

My autobiography?

You’re writing your autobiography. What’s your opening sentence?

“Life had been simple and uncomplicated until my blog page changed overnight.”

Yes, it had been OK, I could talk about my early years, and which schools I went to, but these days data can be mined. So if I do write my autobiography it will be in a book. At least then if you want my information you might have to pay for it!

Then there is the question of whether it’s an autobiography or biography? Would anyone care enough to want to write about me, or would I get someone to ghost write it for me?

Seeing the outrage and amazement caused by the recent release of information from the writer of Matt Hancock’s biography, thousands of pages from WhatsApp, I’m not sure I’d want to do it (although mine might be boring and not salacious).

Jetpack installed!

Installing jetpack was OK but sorting my phone storage out first was the problem. I felt like I was launching my phone at the moon, without a rocket to take it. I knew I would need to free up space as currently my phone is 85% full. But what to uninstall? Which apps are crucial to my phone running properly and which could I delete? I randomly chose a few I rarely use. I still need to upgrade my memory but my phone shop didn’t have the right chip in and needs to order them in. So my dilemma (and I was catastrophising I think) was would things work after I did it. Well clearly it did, but jetpack took a while to install, probably due to the amount of data it had to bring over.

Well I’ve done it. I don’t like the look of it. That’s just because I’m used to the old site. I felt sad uninstalling WordPress, it feels like I have cut ties with it. It’s strange how you become invested in something so ephemeral as a computer app. I hope I get used to this. X


Sundays #bandofsketchers prompt was Invisible. I imagine the invisible man would have to be naked if he wants to wander about. Or would have to wear bandages or makeup. There was a series on TV with David McCallum. If he drank you might see the coffee going into his stomach-Etc! Until it was actually absorbed. I got the stomach too high up in this sketch.


Time washes through the landscape, light transforms the colours, shatters water, creates cold and hot spots. Thinking about atmosphere, time ticks across my mind. Change and stillness held face to face in a slow embrace. Taste and smell senses change. No more daisy chains, just dry grasses, emerging from gravel. Birds flit across the planet, like a time lapse film. Here and gone, gone and back again. Generations. How to define time? A single vertical plane of paper, sliding over bumps and humps, a thin slot that holds open but does not exist in more than two dimensions. Behind and in front no longer exists or has never existed. Time flies forward at a walking pace….

Don’t take my Stats!

Why? I pay for WordPress. Not just the blog page, but as far as I’m concerned Stats, Reader and Notifications! I don’t have enough memory on my phone for a new app…. So how will I keep up with what people are writing and doing? Does Jetpack take up much memory? Can I get it to work? First it was blocks. Now it’s this? Do site owners care about their customers? Please let me know if you have information. When I asked before someone told me you would not have to use Jetpack if you didn’t want to. That seems now to be an untruth.

Oh my toes!

I’ve noticed my big toes are hurting again. They really are sore and when I try and sleep at night I have to pull the covers off them because the pressure of the duvet on them hurts and keeps me awake. Then I have to try and cover them up a bit because they get cold!

I was diagnosed with gout in my feet, then thumb a couple of years ago but I forgot. I’ve got quite a few things wrong with me and I don’t always remember all of them. I just keep taking the tablets. I hope I don’t moan about things too much, but sometimes things are maddening. But insomnia is debilitating, anything that can help me get to sleep and stay asleep would be good. Sometimes meditation takes my mind off things, perhaps I will try that tonight…

Get the jetpack app?

I have a problem. Notifications are closing on 8 March on WordPress and I keep getting a message to get the Jetpack app. But my phone is over 90% full. I don’t want to delete any of my other apps and I don’t think I have room. Also why separate one section of WordPress from another? Or is the whole shebang changing? Why don’t users have a choice, why are we always imposed on? Not everyone can afford to upgrade!



Oh I keep scrolling down the page

Facebook posts are all the rage

Never ending thoughts and hopes

I don’t know how anyone copes!

Addicted to that vertical scrolling

Dragging my eyes, they keep rolling!

Bits and bobs, this and that

Someone’s thin someone’s fat.

A work of fiction or of fact

But intelligent thinking is what’s lacked?

Sometimes serious causes emerge

But often it’s just a tawdry surge

Of endorphins keeping me awake

Switch it off. For goodness sake!