Sleep, a wonderful thing. Dreaming of creatures, as long as they aren’t monsters. And if they are monsters then as long as they are friendly ones? My monster is insomnia, when the dreams WON’T come. When the dreams that do appear flit past my eyes for a second and are then gone. Like a butterfly snatched by a cat, or a dragonfly grabbed by a pike. Then awake again I have to watch the seconds click by. Close my eyes and the world swirls sideways. I need rest!


I look up and see two monsters looming over me. They are staring at each other. Air swirls round them. Crystallising ice makes frost sheets over everything. ALIENS!

Created this photo from four mirrored images of sky, cloud, bushes and houses. Then added texture in Photodirector. The images look like huge baby chicks but with added claws waiting to grab you. Ready to pounce and fight with each other. I was interested in the colours of the sky. It gives a feeling that the air is chilled to a minus number.