I wonder why doves are the symbol of peace? They are beautiful, they are white which might signify purity. The dove was released by Noah on his Ark and came back with vegetation in the Bible story. But that’s is not about Peace. I know Picasso painted the dove of peace many times and it appears on Christian art. But where does it come from. Does it appear in other religions?

For instance why is the symbol of peace not a pigeon?


Well you never know?




I have been thinking what I would like to hear more of this year and the answer has to be peace.

If more people turned round and decided not to fight, that fighting does not resolve things, that negotiation is the way to go, then perhaps the human race could get somewhere.

If money was not spent on armaments then it could be used to sort out global climate change. The resources used to build planes and missiles could be used to make solar panels or build desalination stations.

Instead we seem to just push on regardless and want to destroy not improve relationships between peoples.

I would like to quote John Lennon

“give peace a chance” … …

Angry voices


1am, the pub opposite is letting people out after a night of music and booze. I hear, but don’t see the clatter of bottles being thrown in the skip. The punters are waiting for taxis or a lift. Then one ugly angry voice is raised. I won’t go and look. I know that they sometimes get really rough over there and I don’t want to intervene. I have heard fights in the past outside our door, women screaming at each other. But I’m fearful of reprisals, my car is out there, near them, old and battered it doesn’t need any more damage.

Shouts, angry voices  swearing and cursing. Oh go away, get your taxis home. Unfriendly men with a chip or two on their shoulders . Car horn peeping, laughter and a fairwell. Diesel engine growling. Headlamps shine in through the window as a car three point turns….. Its getting quieter  Some voices fade off into the distance. Others shout goodbye. Another Saturday night is over.



Angel is one of my first digital drawings. Drawn with Photoshop with a textured pen brush.

I was trying to draw something in an icon style, but with a modern twist.


Angel on high looking down, what do you see?

A world, a sky, a planet…a heaven?

Angel sing choral songs up high….

Music of the spheres, music of the sun.

Angel look down on me, give me peace,

Let light in and darkness out.

Angel keep me safe, sure, loved.

Hold the world in your hands,

Keep it safe.