Trying to explain meditation.


When I tried to learn to meditate, first I bhad to breathe in and then breathe out, to try and concentrate on my breathing. Count your in breathe for four seconds, pause, then breathe out for three, pause. If you start to feel dizzy just go back to normal shallow breathing. Counting helps take your mind off other thoughts. When you feel calm tighten and then relax your toes, then your calves, thighs, back, belly, hands, arms shoulders, neck and head. Each part of your body is hopefully then relaxed. If you fall asleep that’s OK. If you feel like it, you can imagine yourself walking down ten stairs, they are covered in nice carpet, you choose the colour of the walls, you are safe and can hold on to a stair rail. At the bottom there is a door with a crystal handle. You open the door and go into a warm room with an open fire and a beautiful sofa. There is a cupboard where you can put your worries in. The worries will have disappeared if you open the cupboard again. You can sit or lie on the sofa and relax. For a really deep meditation as you sit on the sofa you can go through relaxing your body in your minds eye again. This was the first meditation I ever did at a yoga class. I try and remember it when I am feeling stressed. If anyone here knows different methods please share?

Colouring in


It’s doing it again, saving to draft failed. Buy I’m hoping that if I just post this without editing it, perhaps it will post?

Anyway my hubby has been having fun colouring this cat in. I guess it really doesn’t matter that it’s green, as long as he is enjoying doing it. Adult colouring books seem to be the in thing these days. They are good to take your mind off things, they give you the relaxation you need, using enough concentration to give you ‘flow’.

More people could use this technique to help themselves to calm their minds. Life is too stressful, and maybe something gentle like this, taking your mind off things, could help?

Anyway it has posted x. I still don’t understand the draft posting warning I’m getting. Anyone know why?