Mass trespass

Generic photo of a moorland view.

On 24th April 1931, 500 ramblers climbed over a wall and walked up Kinder Scout, a hill in the Derbyshire peak district. That mass trespass was onto countryside that was exclusively used for hunting and shooting. For those people it was the start of a fight to allow the right to roam.

The trespass led eventually to the first National park in the Derbyshire peak district which was opened on 17th April 1951 almost twenty years later.

There are many more National parks in Britain now, and people have many more freedoms than they had in the past, but there are still restrictions on what you can do. A recent court ruling stopped wild camping on Dartmoor. Worryingly people are using portable barbecues which have set fire to grassland and heathland in recent years. The right to roam has also caused erosion of pathways and peat bogs in places like Kinder Scout and the pathways up the hill had to be restored and widened.

The situation needs to be managed, to allow us to move about more freely, but to also protect the environment. However a large proportion of the land in Britain is owned by the military and or the royal family, so some places like parts of Salisbury plain will continue to be out of bounds.


We had a walk last night up and down hill so I decided to have a flat walk this morning. One of my feet hurt, but I thought it was just a bit of an ache from yesterday. We walked very slowly round the lake because it hurt. I felt miserable but we stopped for a hot drink and I felt a bit better.

It was only when I took my shoe off that I saw I had split one of my small toenails from the end down to the quick, it’s sort of hanging off (I’m not showing a photo of it). I rang my podiatrists but they are short staffed and everyone is fully booked. I rang my GP (General Practitioner) but they have no one to deal with it. Waiting for a phone call or I might have to make a private appointment. Thank goodness the car passed its MOT, I might just be able to afford it! Hubby said he will get a pair of pliers if I wanted! No!


I walked under a tree today and noticed little katkins had opened up under it. The sky was blue but the clouds behind me were dark grey and angry looking. The rain had stopped about half an hour before and I liked the dark blue reflection on the road surface. This was in the centre of Stoke, where I was taking a flat walk because my feet are aching. It was good to get out of the house again, I’m hoping it helps me relax more. X

Another stroll

What a sky today, low sun through clouds and silhouettes of trees. This is the park we sometimes walk up to. We sit on a bench to rest, then walk down and up the slopes in the park and finally out of the gates again. Today we were tired so we walked back down the hill and over to our local supermarket. It was out of fresh tomatoes again, apparently the weather has damaged crops and British farmers who would normally grow them in poly tunnels can’t afford the heating so they have delayed growing them. Anyway that was today’s stroll. And six thousand steps!

Short walk today

I was busy today and when I got in I was too tired to go out and walk so this depiction of the month shows how little I’ve done today. I guess sometimes you just have to have a rest. So I will walk around our house a bit to get a few more steps in before the end of the day. I will try and pick things up again tomorrow and try and get a decent night’s sleep for a change.

Sky this afternoon

I sat and watched the sky, there was an interesting looking cloud, but it was too bright to see initially because if the low sun. Then after a few minutes the cloud gradually crept over the sun. We needed to rest as we were on our walk around our local hill. Sitting on the bench I could feel a cold breeze ruffling my hair and I pulled my coat a bit closer. Apparently a storm is due tomorrow so the gusts of wind might be the beginning of it.

Stepping up

Today’s walk was up and around my local hill. We walked up to the park along horizontal and then steep sections. We had a look round, sat on a bench for a while, then we carried on and walked further than we did before.

Clearly I’m not doing this because it’s part of my life. I don’t need to walk to collect water or food. But I’m doing it for my health, a first world problem.

Anyway it’s more than I’ve done for a year and it’s got to be good for my heart. I now need to build up my distances safely, because after suffering a pulled calf muscle I don’t want to do that again!

February’s steps

After several months of little or no activity my brain kicked in and I’ve started walking again. I went from virtually zero to around five thousand steps a day. I think I am finally better after illness and sad times. My health is by no means perfect, I’m having lots of problems with pain, but if I don’t make the effort things will only get worse. Sitting watching daytime TV is not the best use of my time, and I’m hoping more activity will also get my creativity going again.

Today’s uphill walk

The last three days we have done mainly flat walks, but today my hubby and I decided to climb up our hill. We need to get more heart points on my phone and the best way to do that was trying to walk up the hilly side streets in the area. It also got us away from the traffic on the main road. There are some streets that go up, and some across, so by walking up, then along, I managed to keep the pressure off my calf muscle that sometimes gets really tight after I pulled it a year or so ago. Also hubby is not as young as he was so it gave us both a breather. Finally we reached a little park and sat for a few minutes looking over the view and enjoying the trees in the park. Then up again, to reach the main road at the top of the hill and along it’s crest, before taking another horizontal route to get to our road and a few more hundred steps steeply downhill. Four days in a row we have walked. My arm shakes and so we hold hands or he holds my arm. It’s good to be out and about.

Having an early night

This was Monday. Over the last three days I’ve done over 5000 steps and I’ve tried to walk up our hill. It’s been months since I’ve done much walking. Anyone who reads this blog knows I’ve had some health and other issues over recent months and to be honest I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do it. I know my muscle strength has reduced. I can’t lift a saucepan with my left hand. My left leg is slightly affected too and I’m getting cramp and my legs feel shaky but if I don’t try I’ll never get better. Sorry to moan, but at least I’m trying, so now, I’m going to have an early night. X