Hubby grabbed the Dalek arm so it could not shoot at me. Well not really. This character from the Sci-fi series ‘Dr Who’ was on display in the foyer of the Potteries Museum and Art gallery so of course I had to take a photo. The TV series has been on and off the BBC over about fifty years! It’s amazing how the show has such longevity, but then it could be because the ‘doctor’ of the title can regenerate and turn into a new person. In the meantime ii hope it doesn’t say ‘Exterminate!’.

Forth bridge

A bit wobbly…

Ten minute sketch while watching #skylandscapeartistoftheyear. It was of the Forth Bridge, although one of the towers looks like its collapsing! One of the reasons it was quick was because I wanted to watch the show and see what the artists did. You can’t do that while you are drawing. I enjoyed it very much.

Trifle and curling, a quiet afternoon

Have you ever seen curling? Curling 🥌 is a game on ice where two teams take it in turn to slide curling stones on an icy surface along to a target 🎯 area. The closest to the centre (button) wins its a game of strategy. Curling stones can be set to guard the target, preventing the other team from getting close to the centre. Curling stones can be sent gently down the ice, or hard, to knock the other teams stones out of the target area. Each team gets the ‘hammer’ in turn, which means going last in the end. An advantage as you may get a stone in the best position on the last curl of the end. There are different games using slightly different rules. I was watching the UK against Sweden at the Olympics today. And that’s where the trifle comes in. I had dome of it for lunch. Then noticed the bade of the dish has circles in it a bit like a curling target! Just a nice gentle lunch and bit of telly watching. X

I hate ad breaks!

Every five minutes it feels like, you are just following the action in a film or TV show and suddenly… Bang, its off and another set of adverts! And it feels like the frequency increases the closer you get to the end of the programme.

I try and avoid TV channels with lots of advertising, but some are worse than others. You will be watching a scene where the action is reaching a climax, someone has just been killed, there’s been an explosion, the detective is about to reach a conclusion…. Then off and into ads about credit scores, electrical equipment, charity draws or new sofas, and each break has a similar selection of ads. Some channels with old fashioned films are crammed with adverts about mobility scooters, train excursions or stair lifts! They are clearly selected for age demographics. Stop It!

Insomniac again

When you don’t sleep well it’s easy to be drawn into watching TV. The last few nights have been horrendous. I’ve not got to sleep until 5 or 6am. Then sometimes there is a programme I really want to watch. Tonight there are four hour long episodes of Monarch of the Glen. It was a series I watched twenty years ago and I haven’t seen repeats of it. The pleasure of watching it outweighs the sleep I am missing. But maybe one day I will get back to sleeping well.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt is watching. I’ve been watching my hubby watching TV. The last few days have seen a lot of watched TV, we could have done some walking but we’ve mainly kept ourselves to ourselves, just a bit of contact with the outside world….. Black ink fine line pen and green metallic pen.


A lot of the time now I switch on the subtitles on the TV. Not for me but for my hubby, even with hearing aids he struggles. But when you read them, the ‘live’ ones, there are some strange mistakes, mainly homophones where sees is misinterpreted as cease or seize for instance. Some are real howlers. ‘He was pudding the shutters down’ , or spelling mistakes ‘the fig was thick that night, it was hard to sea’. I’m sure I couldn’t do any better. But some of them are hilarious! And distracting. Tonight I was watching a dancing show and instead if dancing a Rumba it said Room bar!

Press green?

My TV screen

I found something out about listening to radio on the TV. You can press a button and stop the screen being illuminated. If you do that then you don’t have to look at the illuminated screen and it saves energy that would be used to display the image. Who knew? It’s probably something everyone could do. I should also turn the TV off at the plug at night so it’s not on standby, saving more energy. I will try and remember.