Drinking dragon

Used a digital app to u the contrast and colours on this drawing, I also made parts of it negative. I think it’s an interesting effect. The reds and greens have been enhanced, they were actually on the other side of the sketchbook page I use. It’s thinker paper than some but the ink can bleed through slightly to the other side of the paper.

trying to write Limericks

Flying up into the sky

She was scared, that’s no lie!

Round cliff edges in flight

And around the lighthouse, bright

They swiftly rose up very high!   

My dragon story is coming on. But I’m trying to write 16 limericks to go with it (perhaps more). Each one will relate to a page that has a black and white ongoing illustration of the story. At the moment I’m trying to decide on a good clear font for the writing which will be visible against any illustration. There will also be colour illustrations of the dragons scales. This poem and image are part of the book so I have to say that they are covered by copyright and should not be copied or shared without my permission. Im just giving you an idea of what I have been up to ( bad limericks included!)   


I decided to paint something a bit different. I was calling it Medusa but a friend suggested Ulysses. I know the Medusa story but I’m not familiar with Ulysses so I think I had better look it up. This is another acrylic on canvas that I started late last night. I wanted to get a feel of paint on plaster, like a mural.

Sky texture

Imagine the sky actually looking like this. What could cause it? A giant bubble of soap with the liquid moving around on the surface like bubbles do. Or strange cloud formations made of gossamer from giant spiders? Maybe it’s just dust and dirt and grease smeared on a camera lens. Imagination is fun. Exploring ideas of how things work is fun too.


Mirrored photo from a couple of years ago. I think it looks quite alien. Like a three fingered monolith supporting a world floating above. Maybe a green environment in a space ship. Life held in stasis while the ship ploughs through space, ready to colonise a new planet.

I do like thinking odd thoughts. I clearly am interested in sci-fi. Breath of fresh air, green and powerful.

Alien life?

Mammal? Ursine, bearlike, white faced, snowy coat. Is there an abominable snowman? An alien creature or a hidden anthopoid ancestor? Related to the mythical Big foot? Could something survive in hidden valleys up in the mountains? Living in caves. Quiet and intelligent. Their furry bodies insulated against the cold. Would melting glaciers and snow force them higher and higher? Their camouflaged bodies keeping them hidden from the increasing population of mountaineers and walkers encroaching on their space.

A digital drawing of an imagined creature. Making up a history and biology of it is interesting but I don’t have the skills to really write it.

Medieval bestiary

Part of my college course is to write a report as part of my final submission. I’m trying to produce something about the historical illustration of Dragons. From China and Japan, to the medieval era including images from medieval bestiaries, and on through time to the present day. But its such a huge subject, with so many branching ideas. When did dragons go from no limbs to four limbs, to four limbs and two wings? How has the depiction of their heads changed? Were they always fire breathing? Are they spirits or ‘real’ physical beings (albeit in a fantasy world). Do they communicate with humans, are they intelligent.

My intention is to identify types and styles of dragons. Describe how they have been depicted and expand my knowledge of the illustrators creating them and their incredible imaginations.

I’m looking at authors like JRR Tolkien, Cressida Cowell, who also illustrated their books and Josh Kidby who illustrated the covers of Terry Pratchetts ‘Discworld’ novels among others.