Possible sculpture

We went for a walk last week and saw a fox carved into an old tree stump. Unfortunately the photo I took didn’t turn out (memory problem on my phone). I spoke to the person whose garden it was in and he told us the artist who had done it.

I decided to enquire about a carving, I have an idea of either an owl, a fox, or even a green man being carved into it. I’ve passed on my details and the size of the tree. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be posting photos of a sculpture.

knots and whorls

I do like contour lines, and this little doodle reminded me of wood cut through like when you cut down a tree. You can date the tree by its tree rings (dendrochronology) . I started out doodling round some pink and blue dots that had leaked through the page from a permanent marker pen, and then spread out and out, trying not to overlap the lines. This is like a meditation to me, as the pattern gets larger its more difficult to draw tidy curves and keep the line seperation. This took hours and i really had to concentrate. I’m sure it could be done with a digital platform but this is a fine liner ink pen.


Misty and overcast, branches and twigs reach out like witches fingers. Darkening mist twists and turns. Hidden eyes watch as the gloom deepens. Footsteps trail through the bracken. Water lies in droplets across the dead and dying wood.

She had seen light from the footpath. A cottage.. A campfire? What was there. Goaded by her imagination she stepped off the path. Feet tangling in blackberries and vines. She stumbled and the branches reached down….

Autumn view

There is a view from our stairs window across the garden, it’s only about twenty feet away, but it’s like looking across a small wood. There is the skeleton of a building beyond. This was being built in March earlier this year but nothing has happened to it since then. Maybe one day the workmen will come back and finish it off? But I’m pleased it’s still not done, I really don’t want to have people overlooking me as I go to bed!

When 4ft =4ft 9″?

My wooden slats to replace the old ones on our garden bench we’re ready for collection today. I went up and collected them but a nagging doubt tickled the back of my brain. So by the time I’d got them (5 of them) to the car I thought these are too long? I stood them up on end, I thought they were about six inches shorter than me, which would make them about 4ft 9″, not the 4ft I had ordered! I went back in the office. Just ask someone to cut them down to size was the response. I walked down to the warehouse and was called inside a huge, cavernous building, with bits of wood stacked and strewn everywhere. I spoke to a young lad who said they had probably left the timber a bit long incase I’d measured it wrong (I didn’t say his boss had measured it). Fine, just cut it to a bit over 4ft. We agreed to this. Then an older man who was supervising the young lad came over. I explained what had happened. He helped set up the machine and I asked for the timber to be 4ft.

I finally left with my bits of wood plus some short, 9″ lengths left over my hubby can use on his model railway.

I got home and tried the slats out against the bench. They are about 6″ too long! So the boss didn’t measure it right in the first place! Argh!