Soon all the leaves will be gone. A big storm is due in overnight so I guess they will be torn from the trees. My hanging baskets still have a few flowers opening in them despite the minus temperatures we have had. The sky has been lovely in the last few mornings, with gentle hints of colour, rosy glows and golden hues.

Then it will be time to cur back and prune some of the trees. Tidying up a little bit, but not enough to harm where the birds sleep. Now dawn is getting later, after 7am. It means I get to see more of them. X



When you duplicate a photo you can get some interesting effects, like this duplicated photo of the moon through trees and looking out of a wet window. Somehow I see xrays of brains, or skulls, or pictures of alien twins, or strange little aliens with outstretched arms.

I remember looking at flock wallpaper and seeing animals, or looking at clouds and seeing dragons or elephants.

There is a name for this, but I don’t remember. I must have a very active visual mind.


Plant trees, cut CO2


Just watching a programme about tree planting from the Woodland Trust. I wanted to donate but the website seems to have crashed.

I think it’s a brilliant idea and the thought of planting Rowan trees or Wild Cherries really sounds good. We might not stop global warming but it’s got to help.

The previous programme, on another channel, was with leaders of our political parties stating how they would reduce global warming and pollution. The leader of the current government and another party did not take part and are now calling for the Channel the discussion was on to be censured! We are not a dictatorship but I do worry that things are not as democratic as they should be!



The trees spread across the world, as man finally withered and died. Killed off in a last great mass extinction caused by¬† humankind’s continuous destruction of the animal population and most of the plant world. Pestilence, fire, flooding and starvation had done their jobs.

All that was left were trees, rivers, marshes, seas and oceans.

The trees kept pumping out oxygen, the world was now habitable for any incomers, but there were none. Aliens may have admired our world, but they exist in civilisations too far away. None of them had things like warp drive. A nice idea, but not really feasible.

Nothing grew, except a soup of bacteria. One day that might evolve into the next great family of animals, insects, worms, critters. If man returned millions of years later he would not recognise the planet or its contents. Maybe the trees would remember….


DSC_2469My hubby collected these from under a huge Oak tree about a month ago and he’s planted them in pots in the garden! About fifty of them. I’m not sure if they will germinate, if they do we will need to find a very large field to plant them in. They can grow with the Walnut saplings that the squirrel has planted in the garden, and the Ash tree saplings, and sycamore saplings that have self seeded. Our garden is turning into a wood. X