Cat on a roof

One of our indoor cats snuck out the back door today. We didn’t realise as my hubby left the back door open just while he popped out to get the milk in. I knew she was out when I went to give her some cat treats and she didn’t come running immediately.

My hubby is loud, and she runs and hides from him, so when he went out shouting her name I knew that wouldn’t work. I put my coat on and shook the bag of treats near the back door, then tried looking between the back fence and the shed. No sign. Still shouting her name I called and called, no answer…

I came in to calm down, I did the washing up to take my mind off things. I decided to give her a few minutes peace to let her settle wherever whe was. Then I went out and called her again….

Mew! Mew! She was miaowing loudly, but where? Sounded like the neighbours garden. You have to go out our front door and down the alley… Mew! I could hear her, but not see her. She mewed constantly as I called her, I looked behind old bits of wood, and an old door propped against the fence. Mew! I climbed over a pile of old branches into the next garden. Mew! Not in their shed.

Mew! The cat noise was coming and going, as if she was moving around. But where? Not behind anything? Maybe up? There she was, she must have climbed up a bush to get onto a kitchen extension roof!

She doesn’t climb, except up stairs, but she got up there. Mew!!! Come down little cat? After a lot of cajoling she came down just after the neighbour offered the loan of a ladder! She scrambled and slid down the branches… And shot off into our garden! I ran round and back through the front door, through the house and let her in the back door. She ran upstairs. Then she came down again and had some food, as if nothing had happened.



Blurry photo in the garden, freezias in a big blue pot. I need to do some weeding, we have too much ivy spreading across the ground and random bits of blackberry bushes that are thorny. Nettles are welcome in the garden for butterflies but they keep encroaching into the flower beds.

Spent the afternoon in the garden weeding and helping drill a hole in our garden gate for a padlock and chain (we are still upset by having the motorbike stolen and want to make it more secure). Also did a bit of college work… Better do more!

Plum blossom

View from the kitchen window. This is the little plum tree ar the bottom of the garden. There is a cherry tree trunk in front of it and branches from that obscure the view. I decided to leave that out. I painted with watercolours. Palest first, then the pale greens and blues. It’s hard to fit the dark colours in without leaving white edges but I have never used masking fluid to hide the paler areas and I don’t want to start now.




It was a quiet evening, we’d been for a walk and I was washing up and washing the shopping. Hubby went outside to plant a rose and put some seeds in. Suddenly he ran through the kitchen with a bucket of water?!

I shouted what’s going on and as he came back for the washing up bowl filled with water. He said the pine trees on fire! What pine tree? He shot in and out again so I filled up the bucket again and then the washing up bowl.

It turns out he had set light to some rubbish in the chimnea in the garden, and it had set light to a leylandi tree!

The neighbours car was parked by our garden, it had burning embers falling in it so we are responsible for damaging its paint finish. They called out the fire brigade who arrived about twenty minutes later. They checked the fire was out with a heat sensor. The telephone cables above the hedge the tree was in might be damaged, so the firemen said they would call the telephone company as its not just us that has a land-line. Finally we exchanged insurance details with the neighbour. Hubby is mortified! If I don’t post much more I think I’m in shock!


Walking today, did just shy of 3.5 miles. We saw this lovely Camellia in someone’s front garden. As the sun lowered the colours shone out. As we were walking we were discussing whether to add plants to our garden hedge that is getting rather thin and straggly. This is now a candidate, together with hawthorn, buckthorn and Holly. Maybe with a bit of beech hedging added… Its nice to contemplate the spring garden. Soon there will be frogspawn and cherry blossom (not together, obviously!)

Penkhull’s Apple Tree

A song for the Apple Tree. To an ancient tune….thanks to my friend Bruce for the words!

Old Apple Tree, We are Come to Wassail Thee
Wassail Song
Old Apple tree, we are come to wassail thee,
All for to bloom, and to bear thy flowers and fruit so free.
Wassail! wassail! all round our town;
Our cups are white and our ale is brown.
Our bowl is made of a good ashen tree,
And here’s kind fellows as will drink to thee.
Hats full, caps full, five-bushel bags full,
Barns full, floors full, stables full, tallats full,
And the little hole under the stairs, three times three!
Hip, hip, hurrah! shout we.