Trumpet player

What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?

I would play the trumpet at a gig! I started learning before the pandemic, but of course that intervened. I am also having problems with my health and I haven’t held or played my trumpet for three years now. It’s probably seized up, I know I have!

I’d learnt enough to play scales and a few short tunes. But the trouble now is fear. Fear of failure, of not being able to do it any more. So the trumpet sits in its case in the living room. It’s not a good thing to let go of the start of something, I regret not pursuing the skill.

I admire jazz trumpeters and also players in brass bands. But holding it and positioning my mouth wasn’t easy and I wanted to be better at playing than I was. Perhaps that is the problem. Too much expectation, not enough skill.

To play for one day. To an audience. That would be a thing. Maybe I should start again, ask for someone to teach me?

Maybe…. It would be thrilling!

Onomatopoeia ?

Glung! The springs in my bed make that noise. Shhhhh the wind in the trees.

It’s the word that is written that sounds like the sound that is being made. Cats Miaow (or miroaw), sheep go Bahh. So lambs are called Baa Lambs. There is a Baa lamb hill near here.

Just thinking, maybe that’s how language started? Imitating sounds, and then other describing words. How can we know.

Translation of language was helped by the Rosetta stone which had three languages carved into it. Because each was a translation of the previous one it took linguists back in time to understand ancient voices.

On repeat

He can’t hear

I repeat

Sorry, what?

I repeat..

Cars on fire?!

No dress for hire

I repeat.

I repeat

Come for a walk?

We need to talk

I repeat

Understand me

I seek

But all the time

It’s like I’m a mime

On repeat

Hearing loss

Is loss for both

Speaker and listner

I repeat

‘I love you’.

And repeat….

Blowing a Hooley?

I think Hooley is a phrase meaning a gale or stormy. It’s a more picturesque word, probably quite old.

Despite our double glazing I can hear the wind soughing around the house, the vuuumming noise through the gap around the kitchen window. The cat flap opening and closing as if a fat, invisible cat was coming in and going out of the door. The overgrown bushes by the side of the house sometimes scrape along the wall. I’m used to it now but it used to be quite creepy when I first heard it. And of course it’s dark outside, dead leaves scatter and blow about on the wind, and litter scurries along the gutter on the road, picked up by the wind and dumped damply in heaps.

In amongst all these noises the cats use the cat flap, coming in and purring at me, purr-miaow? Where’s my tea? It’s not the wind this time, it’s me

Next doors TV.

I wish I lived in a detached house, not one with thin walls and a neighbour who’s TV is right next to the wall. We don’t complain because he is deaf and I think he would struggle to hear if he moved it anywhere else. Also you don’t want to fall out with your neighbours if you can help it. Most of the time it’s OK, especially when we have our TV on, but sometimes we like to read in silence and then, well if there is a football match on next door the volume is so high that we can tell when someone scores a goal!

I think the volume next door has gradually increased over a few years. You get used to it. But late at night it can also be disturbing. I don’t think there is a solution unless we have noise lowering insulation put in.

Beepbeepbeep beep

Unexpected item in the freezer area..

The ice cream is defrosting

Icebergs float past

My glacier is shrinking

Mussels in an icy glaze are thawing

I’ve deleted my icecubes

The TV is not drowning the beeping

In fact the ice water might flood

With teeny tiny icebergs

Floating past…and me

My heart is frozen stone

My dreams destroyed by BLEEPing!

But only a first world problem….


No photos of last night’s fireworks! This was from two years ago, January 1st 2021. It was far too noisy last night. The cats were frantic as what seemed like hundreds of fireworks went off in about ten minutes around where we live. Bang, Boom, Crash, Flash. I had the curtains closed but could still see flashes of light through them. I just talked calmly to the cats and turned the sound up on the television to drown out the noise. After about twenty minutes it calmed down and the cats relaxed. The amount of money spent on fireworks last night must have been huge. I wish they would only sell quiet fireworks. I think you can get them.


Why did my smoke alarm just go off? No smoke, no pans left on, no flames rising from the computer. No fire outside in the garden. There must be a reason. I randomly asked Google the question ‘can spiders set smoke alarms off?’, I got the answer above. We tried blowing and detritus out of it, but when hubby put it back together it did it again. Why? I don’t know, but we will be buying a new smoke alarm tomorrow.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was sounds. Trying to work out how to draw this. Sounds can be acoustic or geographical. For instance the sound of music, or Plymouth Sound, an inlet into the sea. I decided to draw a combination of sound waves disturbing the surface of water as we don’t live anywhere near a sound. Felt pen drawing.