Incessant chatter


All I hear is chatter, chatter.

Shelves in the shed

Now who’s dead?

Rugby goal posts

Radio hosts

He can’t stop talking

About mamod trains

Steam engine running.

Gas and Electric

Phone call chatting,

Constant rattling…

Over the radio,

Over the TV.

My mind switches off.

I’m overwhelmed.

By his talking at me

To me.



The wind is moaning


Like fingers plucking at strings, or air blown across the top of a bottle.

We knew we had bought cheap windows. But I didn’t expect the moan when the wind was in certain directions.

First the front window started to ululate gloomily, a long rising note, not too high pitched. Only when we have a northerly wind does it start up with a tune.

Then we noticed one of the kitchen windows joined in with its own moan. This does not happen when the trees are covered in leaves. But when the shelter blows away as autumn progresses the light moaning starts to return, gradually deepening as a storm intensifies.

You really couldn’t get more excellent moans. Just add the motor from the fridge making puppy dog whines as it starts spinning up and you have a whole set of spooky sound effects even when you least expect them.

Angry voices


1am, the pub opposite is letting people out after a night of music and booze. I hear, but don’t see the clatter of bottles being thrown in the skip. The punters are waiting for taxis or a lift. Then one ugly angry voice is raised. I won’t go and look. I know that they sometimes get really rough over there and I don’t want to intervene. I have heard fights in the past outside our door, women screaming at each other. But I’m fearful of reprisals, my car is out there, near them, old and battered it doesn’t need any more damage.

Shouts, angry voices  swearing and cursing. Oh go away, get your taxis home. Unfriendly men with a chip or two on their shoulders . Car horn peeping, laughter and a fairwell. Diesel engine growling. Headlamps shine in through the window as a car three point turns….. Its getting quieter  Some voices fade off into the distance. Others shout goodbye. Another Saturday night is over.

Noises outside


It’s dark outside and I heard clunking noises out there a few minutes ago. I got a torch and turned out the kitchen light so I could shine it through the window  Couldn’t see anything. Then I checked the front and back doors were locked. And tried to see through the side window at the front of the house. But staring out all I could see was the padlock on the gate.

Waiting as quietly as possible is difficult when the fridge suddenly starts up when you are trying to listen out for extraneous sounds.

Now I’m nodding off. It’s early in the morning and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I’ve not heard any more noises, except the cats chasing each other.

I can hear my heartbeat in my ear. I really need some sleep.. So I’m going to bed.

So this spooky tale has me going to sleep .. Not spooky at all really…..




I live in an old house, which creaks and groans like old houses do. Normal, everyday squeaks….

But when we had new windows fitted we got a couple of added moaning noises. For some reason if the wind is in the south the kitchen window moans quite loudly, and if it is in the north the front window whistles. Still this is better than the road traffic noise we used to suffer from.

I am aware of other sounds, like birds thudding heavily as they land on the kitchen roof. The patter of their feet while you are in the bathroom. Water collects on the roof, so they often come down for a drink.

The loudest noise comes from the fridge. When the pump kicks in you can hear it groaning and whimpering into life, like a sad puppy… gradually settles down, but in the middle of the night when I’m making myself a coffee it can be quite disconcerting.

Other noises include the mad scrambling clatter of cats paws as they chase each other up and down stairs. One cat has a bell on his collar and it rattles as he moves. Little purring noises as they gather speed.

But the loudest noise of all…. when someone keeps talking when I’m trying to write!